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Top 9 Valheim mods: lovers should not miss


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Mods have become an initial part of any game for more interesting playing experiences. Valheim gamers should never miss these top 9 Valheim mods.

Valheim lovers always look for the best valheim mods for thrilling and interesting playing experiences. With these following top 9 vaheim mods, you can live the life of the best Viking warrior. 

1. Valheim plus

There is no doubt that Valheim Plus places 1st in the top 9 valheim mods. This mod owns a lot of things that a modder needs: balancing, stat modifiers, tweaking production and fastening speed. Players interested in building their bases will fall in love with its advanced building and editing system. 

2. Craft from containers

Craft from containers

Running second in the list of top 9 valheim mods is “craft from containers”. This mod allows players to start building and crafting their bases without being struggle finding resources. 

3. Buildshare Mod


Source: Yoytube

Buildshare mod, like it is called, allows players to download and import some of the best forts, bases and settlements built by other Valheim players in their worlds.

4. Forever build Mod

Valheim’s vanilla building system is impressive for its structurally working, meaning that every piece needs particular support from below to avoid collapsing. If you want to build as high and as far as you want, let this mod help. Since each piece believes that it is supported in a firm way, you can build without any constraint. 

 5. Better archery

Better archery

An amazing mod in the top 9 vaheim mods for those loving bow. This mod allows users to craft a quiver on their own, draw a bow (so that it can reach the aim more precisely) and even retrieve your arrows (after the shot – fire arrows are excepted because they are burnt).

6. Realistic animal sounds

Realistic animal sounds

For an amazing game like Valheim, its sound effects somehow disappoint us fairly. The sounds in the game are like honking instead of animal sounds. And this is the reason why the Realistic animal sounds mod is introduced. While playing the game, you will hear something more realistic, for instance, the sound of wolves or boars, instead of the honk made by a dozen of geese. 

7. Bonemod Mod

If you find that bone size really matters in the Valheim game, Bonemod is definitely the mod born for you. Thanks to its ability to change the size of individual bones, your Viking warrior can have massive hands and turn into a giant Viking. It makes the mod in the top 9 valheim mods any modder must try. 

8. Give ‘em the boot

Source: youtube

This mod will multiple the strength of your Viking warrior’s legs, in case you love kicking people. Many may say that why kicking when you can use other weapons in a pretty more effective way. By adding substantial knockback and vertical launch, the mod will make your kick surprisingly kicky.

9. Time mod

Time mod sounds to be an interesting mod in the top 9 valheim mods since users can slow down or speed up the time in a game session. But, according to many valheim time mod lovers, the reason is much simpler. With this mod, they can pause the game in case of something else stepping on their game session and get back to it whenever they want. 


Now you’ve got to know the top 9 valheim mods for more enjoyable playing experiences. Hope you find the article useful and we will get back to introducing other amazing mods. 


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