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The number of iPhone users is increasing


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Apple reported record revenue of $83.0 billion for the third quarter of 2022, and it was up 2% from the previous quarter. CEO Tim Cook added that to achieve that huge revenue is thanks to a large number of Android users have switched to iPhone.

The number of iPhone users is increasing

Data from StockApp at the beginning of the year shows that Android is losing users at a rapid rate that was previously endorsed by Apple. In fact, over the past four years, the popularity of the Android operating system has plummeted, from 77.32% to just 69.74%.


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Despite a drastic drop in smartphone sales this year, Samsung and Apple continue to dominate the industry. In Q1/2022, Apple grew strongly by 3%, increasing market share from 15% to 18%. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more Android users are switching to Apple products.

According to Luca Maestri, Apple’s CFO, “iPhone users have hit new all-time highs in all geographies driven by sales success and customer loyalty. ” In fact, 451 Research’s most recent US consumer poll scores the iPhone at 98% customer satisfaction.

Vietnam is one of the emerging countries leading the way in switching from Android to iOS.

“We’re still operating in key areas where iPhone adoption is low. India, Vietnam and Indonesia are a few of them. We’ve done pretty well there,” Cullen said. We’re looking at everything from user base to number of users converting to geographic distribution of products as iPhones tend to be the driving force in these regions.”

The high level of consumer satisfaction with iOS and 5G operating systems is probably what makes smartphone owners switch from Android to iOS.

The number of iPhone users is increasing

“Of course, keeping our customers happy and loyal to us is the most important thing. Apple is really happy with 98% of the current new iPhone market share,” Cook emphasized. These underpin the transition. Another accelerator is 5G. Although 5G has been widely adopted in some regions, its adoption globally is still quite low, so I believe there is reason for optimism going forward.

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