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The Language of the Minecraft Enchantment Table: Useful Tools and Instructions


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In Minecraft, you are free to explore the world while gathering and mining raw materials, much like its name suggests. Additionally, you have the option to forge massive fortifications and castles, as well as produce tools and other objects. Along with mining and construction, you can engage in combat with NPCs (non-player characters) or even other players. Depending on your preferences, you may either skip the line and inherit limitless resources and even flight—known as Creative mode—or you can start from nothing and begin the trek to digital millions. In addition to all of these choices, you can even develop your own gaming mechanics, complete with unique assets and artifacts. Read more: enchanting table language

Talk about a wonderful offer!

However, one aspect of Minecraft has many scratching their heads.

What Is Minecraft Enchantment Table Language?
If you’re a regular player of Minecraft, you’ll know that there are tons of secrets to stumble upon during the game. Unless, of course, you’ve Googled for them.

Don’t worry, though. Your secret’s safe with us! We know how difficult it is to find some of these secrets, so we don’t blame you.

In saying that, Minecraft’s enchantment table language has been a perplexing puzzle for many gamers. But that’s all about to change.

The language shown on the enchantment table is called the Standard Galactic alphabet—no, it’s not a random mix of mismatched symbols from the English language. This alphabet isn’t unique to Minecraft either. It was developed for the Commander Keen video game series.

How to Understand the Enchantment Table Language in Minecraft
The Standard Galactic alphabet can be read without learning a new language. To create a readable word, simply replace the appropriate Latin alphabet letter.

A Reddit user created a really handy substitution spreadsheet that will translate anything you need to minimize guesswork to a minimal.

How to construct a Minecraft magical table

A book, two gems, and four obsidian are required to construct an enchanting table in the game Minecraft. Place three obsidian along the bottom row and a fourth in the center of the grid in your crafting menu.

Finish by placing the book in the middle of the top row and the Minecraft diamonds on each side of the jutting obsidian. Drag and drop the enchanting table that should now appear on the right into your inventory, and you’re done.


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