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How to download and install Valheim Texture pack


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How to download and install Valheim Texture pack. The custom Texture pack for Valheim has been released to enhance further the in-game experience of this Viking-themed sandbox survival game.

Here are some of the visuals in Valheim with this texture pack installed:

Before getting started with the process, players will need to download a couple of necessary files and applications. These include:

  1. BepInEx
  2. Custom texture pack for Valheim

Once all these files have been downloaded, extract the contents from the zipped BepInEx file inside the Valheim install directory.

After this:

  • Extract the contents of the custom texture pack they downloaded from NexusMods.
  • Following that, copy the entire unzipped folder to Valheim’s plugin directory. The directory address should look like: steamappscommonValheimBepInExplugins

After this process is completed, players should enjoy the new textures as soon as they launch Valheim.

If a player does not like a specific texture from this custom texture pack for Valheim, it can be removed by removing the specific file for that custom texture.

The entire list of custom textures included in this texture pack for Valheim are:

  • texture_Planks5c_low_texture.png (220.3 kB)
  • texture_rug_wolf_texture.png (86.6 kB)
  • texture_rug_wolf_top_texture.png (2.4 kB)
  • texture_stone_texture.png (486.9 kB)
  • texture_straw_roof_corner_texture.png (81.1 kB)
  • texture_straw_roof_texture.png (75.1 kB)
  • texture_woodchest_d_texture.png (264.0 kB)

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