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All Bosses Close To Spawn Valheim


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There are five bosses for players to find and defeat in Valheim and some are far easier than others. Often the player will need to utilize every tool at their disposal.

The map seed HHcLC5acQt is perfect for speedrunners as every boss except one can be found on the starting island as well as every biome. The player will only need sailing for getting to the final boss and since they will only need to cross a narrow channel, a small raft will more than suffice.


A Map Blessed By Odin Himself

Not all map seeds have to be random strings of numbers and letters. One intuitive player tried entering map seeds based on Norse mythology and stumbled across a near-perfect map by invoking the name of the All-Father himself.

The map contains every biome on the starting island as well as the trader and all of the bosses except Bonemass. Players who want to kill Bonemass early to acquire the wishbone will only need a basic raft to cross over to his island.  The variety of landscapes and easy boss locations make this possibly one of the best Valheim maps discovered so far and can be accessed by entering the seed Odinisking.


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