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Your Snapchat account has been blocked


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You won’t receive any notifications from Snapchat if or when someone blocks you. Seeing Pending is one of the many indicators that someone has blocked you on Snapchat. You could be curious as to whether the contact has blocked you or simply defriended you. In that scenario, use the Search Bar to quickly look up their username. You’ve lost your friend status if the user appears. They have blocked you if you can’t see them at all. read more  what does pending mean on snapchat

 Snapchat has deleted the associated account.
Your snaps might not be delivered since your friend recently decided to terminate their Snapchat account. Another possibility is that the account was banned and is no longer active as a result. When your snaps immediately go from Pending to Delivered, you’ll know they’re back. Recovering a Snapchat account is rather simple. To reactivate it, all you have to do is log in again within 30 days.

 The Snapchat app contains a bug.
Although Snapchat is mostly a smooth and effective social networking tool, there are occasionally drawbacks. The software occasionally has technical difficulties. When it occurs, you can notice a haphazard Pending status appear.

Your phone’s app may glitch for a variety of reasons. Lack of storage space or an excessive software update could be one of them. You might try freeing up some storage, deleting Snapchat’s cache in the settings, and updating the software on your phone. To clear cache, adhere to following steps:


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