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Vanilla Plus Shader 1.13.2 -> 1.16.4


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Vanilla Plus Shader is a shaderpack that tries to get as close as possible to the game’s default graphics while adding small touches specific to what shaders do best (dynamic shadows and improved clouds).


  • Antialiasing
  • Dynamic shadows
  • Custom colors
  • Significantly improved clouds
  • Custom skybox
  • Dense, more real fog
  • Texture reflections (disabled by default)
  • Supports labPBR
  • Sunshine

Required configuration

  • Optifine for 1.12 or newer
  • A graphics card supporting OpenGL 4.0
  • Preferably Windows, but also works under Linux


Download and install Optifine
Download the shaderpack
Put the shaderpack inside .minecraftshaderpacks
Launch Minecraft
Open Options, Video Settings, Shaders
Choose Vanilla Plus Shader


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