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Vanilla PBR Texture Pack 1.16.5


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The Vanilla PBR ( Physically Based Rendering ) Texture Pack is the perfect opportunity to transform Minecraft and get the most out of it since you can witness a real graphics revolution in-game graphics. The creator, h0ppip, has made sure that its pack is entirely compatible with shaders.

You may have already encountered a previous creation of h0ppip. Indeed, it is he who is at the origin of the Default Improved pack. It presents Vanilla PBR as the worthy successor of its previous texture pack, this time; the resolution is 128 × 128, which brings even more depth and detail without affecting the default textures. In the end, it just adds normal, specular, and parallax occlusion maps that work with shaders.


If you have any weird colored lines or clipped areas on some blocks, be sure to check your shader settings and set the parallax occlusion map size to 128.

If you can’t see some of the effects, make sure you’re using a shaderpack that supports Normal Mapping, Sepular Mapping, and Parallax Occlusion and that these settings are turned on.

The specular card format is Red = Smooth, Green = Metallic, Blue = Emission, so if your shaderpack has an option for it, set it to that format.

How to install a Resource Pack?

Time required:  2 minutes.

When you download a resource pack , you get a compressed file containing all the data – modifiable at will – of the pack. You have to drag this document into the appropriate file that we will now find on the different operating systems. Here is the procedure to follow :

  1. Download the resource pack or texture pack of your choice

    To download a resource pack, you can find a selection of the best texture packs 

  2. Access your resource pack folder

    To go to the resource pack folder located in .minecraft . under Windows do Windows Key + R and type: % appdata% . minecraft resourcepacks. Under Linux type in your console bar ~ / .minecraft / resourcepacks /. In MacOS , type this ~ / Library / Application Support / minecraft / resourcepacks

  3. Put your texture pack in the Resource Pack folder

    Drag the archive of the texture pack you downloaded into the resource pack folder.

  4. Launch Minecraft

    When you have put your pack, launch your Minecraft game

  5. Access Minecraft options

    To do this, when you are in the game, press the Esc key and in Options, go to Resource Packs and select the one you have installed.

  6. Enjoy the new graphics of Minecraft!

    If the installation was successful, you should notice a change in the textures of the game. Have a nice game!

Download Vanilla PBR Texture Pack 1.16.5


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