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ValheimFPSBoost Mod


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What does ValheimFPSBoost offer to Valheim modders?

FPS has been considered an important indicator of gaming experiences. To achieve higher frames per second in an instant hit Valheim, never forget the ValheimFPSBoost mod.

The graphic factor always contributes considerably to Valheim game experiences. There are several ways to increase frames per second in the game, and the ValheimFPSBoost mod is the quickest and easier one.

FPS and ValheimFPSBoost

With more than 2 million players in about just two weeks, Valheim is no doubt an instant and big hit of the game world in 2021. The game brings us to the world of Viking warrior, where you live the life of a real Viking warrior: fighting enemies, planting crops, collecting weapons and trophies and building bases,…And in such a virtual world, graphics comes as one of the most important factors deciding the game experiences. When it comes to graphics and play experiences, FPS (frames per second) really matters.

FPS means the number of images that a monitor can display in one second. If the FPS is 1, you see 1 image in 1 second. The more FPS you can pack in one second, the more smooth motion showed on the screen. And the more smooth motion on the screen is in direct proportion to the experiences while playing the game.

ValheimFPSBoost helps to boost FPS in Valheim
ValheimFPSBoost helps to boost FPS in Valheim

Valheim is currently one of the hottest survival games and if you are a fan of this game, never let low frames per second rate destroy your journey in the Viking world. While searching on the internet, you can see many solutions to the low FPS problem. Most of them require too many steps, which is quite time-consuming and confusing, especially to newbies. This is when ValheimFPSBoost proves how amazing it is in boosting frames per second rate. With this ValheimFPSBoost mod, you can lower some internal (yet unnecessary) graphic values to gain more frames per second. In different systems, the frames per second gained by installing the ValheimFPSBoost mod will vary.

Some wonderful features of ValheimFPSBoost Mod

All you need to do for better Valheim graphic experiences is to download and install the mod ValheimFPSBoost. The process is similar to what you do with the other Valheim mods. Instead of struggling to try different ways to increase the number of frames per second, you just let the ValheimFPSBoost mod carry out its functions.
To boost frames per second in the Valheim game, the ValheimFPSBoost mod needs to adjust several other indicators. For sure, this adjustment of the mod does not influence the current game graphics too much.

By adjusting several other indicators, ValheimFPSBoost increases FPS
By adjusting several other indicators, ValheimFPSBoost increases FPS

Here is the list of what the ValheimFPSBoost  mod does to boost your Valheim FPS:

  • Disable Anisotropic filtering
  • Decrease LOD distance
  • Reduce texture by half
  • Set the maximum pre-rendered frames to 1
  • Set particle ray cast per frame to 1
  • Reduce the maximum number of light pixels on an object
  • Disable real-time reflection probes
  • Disable shadows
  • Disable soft blending for particles
  • Disable two-pass shader for terrain vegetation
  • Disable all post-processing effects

Enhance game experiences with ValheimFPSBoost Mod

We all know that every mod is created for a purpose. Many Valheim mods are created to boost the strength of the Viking warriors while others, like the ValheimFPSBoost mod, are introduced to boost visuals and graphics experiences. 

There is no way to deny the real importance of graphics in Valheim game experiences. ValheimFPSBoost mod is the one that provides you such amazing experiences with simple steps. Install the ValheimFPSBoost mod right now and feel the changes. 

How do you install Mod?

  1. First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.
  2. Download this mod and move the `all file` into `<GameLocation>BepInExplugins`
  3. Run the game.

Download ValheimFPSBoost Mod for Valheim

Credit: castix

Version: 1.0.0

Version 1.0.0

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