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Valheim Unstripped DLLs Mod


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The most detailed instructions for installing Valheim Unstripped DLLs

There are many players having trouble installing Valheim Unstripped DLLs for their game. Someone every time exiting the game, it takes 5 minutes to sync on steam. Please read our instructions carefully!

Installation instructions Valheim Unstripped DLLs

To successfully install Valheim Unstripped DLLs, you need an untapped DLL for the Valheim modding to work. This is a first and extremely important requirement. If you ignore it, no step will be successful.

How to use Valheim Unstripped DLLs is an extremely important question.

Install Vortex (mod manager)

Vortex mod manager is a large open source mod manager that allows you to download, install and manage various mods for your game with an easy to use interface. It supports quite a few games and is available for download on Windows 7, 8, and 10 with support for Windows XP.

If you have successfully installed this mod and are using Vortex and you do not have the full BepInEx Pack installed (for example, if you are new to Valheim modding), do the following:

Download Vortex at Here

or Go to the website nexusmods. com log in and click the “Download Vortex button” button at the top right, (or through the “Download Mod Manager” button in the File tab). You can then install the unsorted dlls using the Vortex which will set you up for Valheim modding. So the first step is finished.

Installing unsorted dlls using Vortex means your original dlls will not be overwritten, if you want to restore them.

If you have installed BepInEx Pack

If you have installed BepInEx Pack fully then you should use it – Vortex mod will work with those files instead.

In case if Vortex guided you here and asked you to install the unsorted dlls, now you need to go back to step 1 to install the dlls as it is a must.

At any point you have the full BepInEx Package installed – Vortex will only work with those files instead, there’s no need to keep installing dlls from this mod page though it won’t matter as it doesn’t Nothing is overwritten between these two pages.

Detailed installation instructions for you

  1. Download the Valheim Unstripped DLLs zip file
  2. Find your Valheim installation directory
  3. Extract the contents of the folder “unsripped_managed” in the zip to / valheim_Data / Managed
  4. Overwrite any files it prompts you
  5. Use your mod without error
  6. If you want to delete the file and restore the original file:
  7. Right click on Valheim in your steam library
  8. Go to “properties”, then “local files”, then “verify the integrity of game files”
  9. So that’s it then.

Important Note: File verification will also remove all your mods and mod loaders.

Above are the important instructions we send to you when installing and using Valheim Unstripped DLLs. Please make sure you follow the instructions to make your game play more complete!`


To avoid getting errors like “Vortex keeps asking to download this content even with BepIEn or InSlim” or “After trying to use vortex to manage Valheim mods and downloading this mod, the other mods will not work for a while, even after uninstalling the vortex, everything is still broken”. We repeat that you read the instructions carefully because in fact more than 40,000 people have downloaded Valheim Unstripped DLLs mod and used it successfully.

Download Valheim Unstripped DLLs Mod

Credit by CptNightbreaker | Version: 1.0.0


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