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Use Equipment in Water Mod


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It’s great that you can still use the weapon while underwater with Use Equipment in Water

The retrieval of weapons every time we go into the water causes a lot of inconvenience for the player. Some people have not been able to satisfy their turn of play but have been killed by their opponents. So the game developers created Use Equipment in Water.

What Use Equipment in Water mod can do for you is to use your Equipment while swimming in water. This means a lot to players because they won’t need to spend too much time retrofitting their weapons after getting out of the water like before. This has helped players for a better experience with games and games that are more loved.

Player experience and user manual Use Equipment in Water mod

First let’s take a look at the player’s experience to see how they rate this mod!
“Wow, this mod is on my list of feedback to developers. The retrieval of weapons every time we get into the water (or the water splashes at us) is annoying in many ways. This mod fixes that. Thank you very much developer!”.
“At random times in the game, it seems that after I use a grower build / craft / upgrade tool stops consuming resources and no longer requires resource presence. I can literally make everything in-game items at any crafting station This is great, thank you!”.

To use this mod effectively we want to send you a note that some of the following mods are currently not compatible with this Use Equipment in Water mod:

  1. Valheim – SafetyNet
  2. Kat version
  3. ExpertMode

It seems that this is a game created by the developers who are very listening to the player’s opinion. Just an opinion of your such as “I am still not allowed to use torches and long-range weapons. Maybe a configuration file to choose what can be used domestically” and then they fix it so you can use more domestic weapons. Great right!

Install Use Equipment in Water and configure this mod

There are 2 ways to install this mod:

Installation (automatic)

Please use Vortex


Install r2modman mod manager. You then install the mod by installing it directly inside the mod manager. Now launch the game and start using it.

Manual installation

Install the BepInExPack Valheim mod

Extract the “UseEquiosystemInWater.dll” dll of this mod into this directory: <Steam Location> steamapps common Valheim BepInEx plugins

Launch the game


The configuration file allows you to decide which items you want to be available in the country and which files you do not want.

It can be accessed through the following methods.

  • When using r2modman mod manager:

Configure file can be edited from within mod manager via menu “Configuration Editor”

  • When using manual settings:

Configuration is located in this directory: <Steam location> steamapps common Valheim BepInEx config

  • Image name: com.lvh-it.valheim.useequiosysteminwater.cfg

Thank you for reading the article. Let us hear more from you!

How do you install?

  1. First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.
  2. To install manually, place the .dll file in the BepInEx/plugins folder. You will need BepInEx. 
  3. Run the game Valheim

Download Use Equipment in Water Mod for Valheim

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