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Unrestricted Portals mod


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Unrestricted Portals mod is an indispensable part when you play Valheim game. This mod was created to help players get any item through the portal. Most gamers use this mod to get what they want for their own virtual world.

Unrestricted Portals mod

Unrestricted Portals Features

Unrestricted Portals is a mod that allows the player to get any item through the portal. The mod is highly customizable and allow players to limit the number of items.

You know Valheim has so many resources divided by tons of land and water. So wearing up some resources becomes difficult. You usually have to go from one point to another and spend a lot of time using resources. Such travel is a waste of a player’s time and effort. Players love the better experience that developers have fixed by adding Unrestricted Portals. This solution helps to solve the player’s problems. However, not all items are accepted at this portal, some items are blacklisted. To get these items you have to return to the same steps as before.

How to use this mod?

After successful installation, to fully utilize the features of the mod you need to update the configuration. By this way some items will no longer be blacklisted and you no need to waste time on it.

To update the configuration, you need to use the command:

“/ update” or “/ reload”

Once the mod has been downloaded and installed successfully by default, the mod will allow you to get 100% of previously restricted items through a non-multiplier portal. To help it maintain this you need to keep in mind the following important items:

Make every item limited. (Can be overridden by individual entries.) -> Restrict-All: True

Make every item unrestricted. (Can be overwritten by individual entries.) -> Restrict-None: True

Restrict individual items. Example -> TinOre: Restricted

Make unlimited individual items. For example -> IronOre: None

In any item name you need to use token syntax or prefab syntax.

The configuration files are located at -> <Steam location> steamapps common Valheim BepInEx plugin Unrestricted Portals Configuration

The General.txt file is for the base installation. Each of the options here are overridden by specific entries from the Items.txt file.

The Items.txt file is for specific item entries.



How do you install it?

First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.

Finally drag the unzipped Ports folder -> <Steam Location>steamappscommonValheimBepInExplugin

After you have successfully installed and started your game, the mod will be enabled. To disable it, simply delete it from mod folder or change configuration.

Above is all the important information you need to know about Unrestricted Portals to use it effectively. We hope you will find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it!

Download Unrestricted Portals mod for Valheim

Created by xAfflict


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