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Triple Bronze Mod


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Valheim Triple Bronze mod: more bronze, more fun

Bronze in Valheim cannot be found on the ground like other items, making it harder to collect. Once you collect bronze, never forget to multiply it with the Triple Bronze mod.

Valheim is such an amazing survival game because it allows you to live the life of a Viking warrior. To craft more weapons and tools to explore the world, you will need a Triple Bronze mod. 

What is Triple Bronze mod?

While many items in Valheim can be found on the ground, dropped by bosses or dug up, you cannot do the same thing with bronze. Bronze is a useful and versatile metal that gamers cannot collect easily. To get the item for crafting weapons, you need to find it from copper and tin ores found in the Black Forest.

In the Valheim game, the time to start collecting bronze is right after you defeat the deer Valheim boss of the Meadows – Eikthys. Your upcoming journey in the Viking world will be full of danger and enemies. The enemies can rip your current armor to shreds.

This is when the need for bronze arises and you need to collect as much bronze as possible. Triple Bronze Valheim mod comes in useful at the moment when you need bronze most. As it is called, the mod will triple the amount of bronze you’ve collected in the Black Forest. Therefore, you can fulfill the need for weapons.

Multiply the bronze collected with Triple Bronze mod.
Multiply the bronze collected with Triple Bronze mod.

As you are armed with weapons made from bronze, you will be able to fight the enemies and keep yourself safe along the journey. Besides, since collecting bronze in this Viking world is not an easy task, the Triple Bronze mod helps users to save enormous time. And now, you are ready to take your Viking weapons to the next level.

Effective ways to get bronze in Valheim

After installing the excellent Triple Bronze mod into the Valheim game, you need to start fining bronze. Because if you have no bronze, the Triple Bronze mod cannot multiply it. If you are about to collect bronze, you need to build a Forge first. Here is what you need to build your Forge: four stone, four coal, ten wood and six copper. After the Forge building is done, you have to gather as much copper and tin as possible in the Black Forest because it requires two copper and one tin to forge only one piece of bronze.

Find bronze in the Black Forest.
Find bronze in the Black Forest.

To quickly find Valheim copper location in the Black Forest, you should take a look carefully. Copper deposits are often large, greenish boulders, with shiny yellow veins of copper running through them. The Black Forest is also the place where you can find tin. Normally, it spawns around the water. So, it would help if you headed for the riverbanks or along the coast for small and shiny rocks.

Upgrading to a bronze pickaxe is a bronze mining tip you should follow. Bronze Pickaxe is stronger and faster than the Antler Pickaxe. Thus, you can save much time in deposits. To craft a Bronze Pickaxe, you need three core wood, five surtling cores, six copper, and ten bronze.

What to do with bronze?

After collecting a significant amount of bronze with some tips above and Triple Bronze Valheim mod, it’s time to upgrade your items to bronze as bronze items can withstand damage more than other materials. Besides, bronze tools are more effective and bronze weapons can damage more. Some Valheim items you should create as long as you collect enough bronze: bronze their, bronze axe, bronze buckler, bronze armor (helmet, plate cuirass, plate leggings), bronze mace, bronze nails, bronze pickaxe, bronze spear, bronze head arrow, cultivator.

To go further in the Viking world, every warrior should be armed carefully. Triple the amount of bronze collected with Triple Bronze Valheim mod, you will have a sufficient amount of bronze to get stronger items.

How do you install Mod?

  1. First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.
  2. Download this mod and move the `all file` into `<GameLocation>BepInExplugins`
  3. Run the game.

Triples the amount of bronze you get with each craft so that crafting bronze is consistent (1 tin ingot + 2 copper ingots = 3 bronze ingots)
Place `.dll` file in to Valheim/BepinEx/plugins/ folder.
Requires BepinEx.

There is a configuration file to change the multiplier of bronze. After the first run, this file will be automatically created at “BepinEx/config/LolmanXDXD.TripleBronze.cfg”

In the configuration file, you can also enable the “QuickSmelt” patch which add QOL recipes from ores -> bars into the forge after upgrading the tier. This has configurable coal amounts. This might need you to drop/pickup coal ore, tin ore, wood, and iron ore. Github link:

Download Triple Bronze Mod for Valheim

Credit: LolmanXDXD

Version: 0.3.1

Version 0.3.1

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