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Trash Items Mod Review


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Trash items mod adds a trash can to your inventory screen. Thanks to that you can drag and drop your unneeded items to it to destroy them permanently.

To survive in Valheim, players will need to collect crafting resources to expand their base or forge new tools, weapons and armor, and more. Of course, you will need storage space in order to hold everything. But in case you do not have space left, how do you deal with it? How do you destroy and delete items to add new ones? This article will provide you with a great mod that can help you do that easily.


I can confidently say that sometimes you need to get rid of your old stuff to make room for your new ones, and this is certainly true of Valheim. Old huts, for example, need to make room for new buildings, beginner-level devices need to be replaced with better ones. That begs the question, can you dismantle or destroy items in Valheim?

What is trash items mod?

In case you are unable to dismantle old equipment, what do you do with it? I think you’d leave it on the ground or in a box somewhere. But then, it just takes up unnecessary space. Trash is bad. It would be best if you disposed of it properly. Fortunately, modders have created a very useful tool called trash Items.

Trash items mod adds a trash can to your inventory screen. That’s where you can drag and drop your unnecessary items to destroy them permanently. Note, you can enable a confirmation dialog that appears before canceling items.

You can set the hotkey to delete selected items after installing this mod (Default: Delete key). Once it is easy to delete your items, select the item in your inventory, go to the Trash tab and then press the ‘A’ button on your controller to trash the item.

Another way to destroy items in Valheim

Valheim is a game still in the works, and that means some features are missing. One of those features is the destruction option, which is for items that the player no longer wants.

However, in addition to using the trash items mod, you have a few different options to solve this problem.

The first way is you just need to drop those items into the water, it’s easy, right? It is true that it is the fastest solution and requires the least effort. However, there is not always a water source available for you to drop unwanted devices in.

With the second option, you can split the inventory of items in Valheim. There is no denying that this is the best method to conserve as many ingredients as possible. However, this approach heavily depends on having other players split up. When the warehouse space is full, splitting the stack of ingredients takes place quickly.

To split the stack, all you need to do is open the inventory and select the items you want to divide. Then, press shift and click on the stack. Then, everything on the stack will automatically be split.

Requirements (Manual Install)

BepInEx Modloader

Valheim Unstripped DLLs Mod

How do you install Trash Items Mod?

  1. First you need to access BepInEx Modloader Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.
  2. Download this mod and move the `.dll` into `<GameLocation>BepInExplugins`
  3. Run the game.

Download Trash Items Mod for Valheim

Credit: virtuaCode

Version: 1.2.2


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