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Smarter Containers a mod every Valheim lover needs


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Smart containers mod has been released recently, but it quickly grabs the heart of Valheim modders. The mod is not only smart, as it is called, but it also helps you save much time.
Valheim, without a doubt, is one of the hottest survival games at the moment. Gamers everywhere should be ready to explore the Viking world with the help of the Smart Containers mod.

Valheim game and Smart Containers mod

Valheim is currently the hottest one in the world of survival games. You will be a Viking warrior in the game and explore a fantasy world inspired by the myths and the Viking culture.

Smart Containers mod allows saving time and effort in inventory management
Smart Containers mod allows saving time and effort in inventory management

The Valheim game is amazing itself. However, to add something more thrilling and enjoyable, more and more mods have been introduced. Some mods are made to strengthen your weapons; others are released for a more stunning appearance,… Smart Containers mod is a functional mod, helping gamers to drop their loots quickly.

Smart Containers’ features

Smart Containers mod helps your containers and storing things smarter – which is exactly what it is called. It is a savior when you are tired of looking for a chest with a specific item stack to store something. All you need to do is to download and install this Smart Containers mod before teaching your containers to arrange items.

With this mod installed, your containers in Valheim world will automatically send items as you arranged at first. The same kind of items will be put to the chest with their siblings; for instance, the copper ore will be put to the chest with tin ore.

Besides the containers of similar items, the Smart Containers mod allows gamers to create the personalized item groups they want. Any item combination is fine, as long as you want it. You can put your stones, trophies and swords into one chest, for instance.

Configure the Smart Containers mod now, and from now on, all specific loot items from your inventory will be moved to the proper chests only with a single button click.

Experiences when playing Valheim with Smart Containers mod

When it comes to experiences with the brand new Smart Containers mod, time-saving is the first to mention. The mod helps to save time in inventory management and storage space management. After a long journey in the Viking world, you sit down to take a rest and figure out what items you have collected. Since several item groups and several chests, putting them in the right one is quite challenging. Now, let Smart Containers mod help you.

You can customize your inventory management system.
You can customize your inventory management system.

Together with a Valheim mod called “Pull From Containers,” this mod will save time considerably and make inventory and storage management much more effective.
The Smart Containers Valheim mod helps gamers to set up their own storage path system. Without the mod, you need a drop chest to drop everything collected during the journey before sorting them out into different item groups.

With Smart Containers mod installed in your device, you will have other loots sorted out into specific categories: food, ingredients, farming stuff, trophies,…
Even when you put something in the wrong chest, it will automatically move to the correct chest. No drop chest is needed now because you can put it in any chest.

With this mod, you do not need to store chests because you own a crafting station. Smart Containers Valheim mod allows gamers to save time and effort. There is no need to rearrange and resort to all inventory as all you have to do is collect them and put them in random places. Let the mod do the left.
Smart Containers Valheim mod maybe not an important one to boost up your strength, for example. However, there is no way to deny its function in time-saving and item management.

How it works:
When you put an item stack to a container via [Ctrl + Click]
If container is full or doesn’t contain same items:
– check each nearby container and if it is not full and has same item (stack) – your item is routed there.
– otherwise (if none found) check each nearby container and if it is not full and has “relevant” group items – your items are routed there.
In other words: If group contains your item and chest contains any other item from a group, then your item will go to this chest.

General Configuration parameters

– range – defines area to locate “nearby” containers
– onlyStackableItems – (enabled by default) when enabled – non stackable items (tools, weapons, armor) are NOT rearranged
– hudMessageEnabled – (enabled by default) Enables hud message indicating that item was placed to some other chest.
– hudMessageText – HUD message consists of Icon, item-name plus this hudMessageText
– audioFeedbackEnabled – play ingame-sound if items are successfully distributed
– effectFeedbackEnabled – display a temporary visual effect over chests where your items were distributed

Grouping items
There are three available options to define an item-group:
– by explicitly listing all item-names of group-members
– by matching item-name prefixes: **trophy**boar and **trophy**troll are members of group with ‘trophy’ prefix
– by matching item-name postfixes: carrot**Seeds** and turnip**Seeds** are members of group with ‘seeds’ postfix
– by matching in-game `item-type`: Tool, Weapon, Ammo, Armor, Trophie

Grouping Configuration parameters

– enabled – (true by default) enables item groups logic
– itemTypeGroupsEnabled – enables grouping by item-types (Trophie, Tool, Ammo, Armor, Weapon).
– groupingKeyModifier – LeftControl. Change to “LeftControl + LeftShift” if you want separate hotkey for triggering grouping logic.
(holding ctrl is mandatory since it’s a “move-stack” ingame key)
– createGroupBtnEnabled – (true by default) adds a UI button which helps to create custom item-groups
– createGroupBtnPos – adjusts button position
– fuzzyGroupingEnabled – (false by default) enable grouping by more broad criteria.

Preconfigured item groups

[ItemGroup] config section contains a set of item-names based groups:

valuables = ruby,coins,amber,amberpearl
ore = copperore,flametalore,ironore,silverore,tinore,ironscrap,blackmetalscrap
rock = stone,flint,obsidian
ingots = copper,bronze,flametal,iron,silver,tin,blackmetal
wood = wood,finewood,corewood,ancientbark
mushrooms = Mushroom,MushroomBlue,MushroomYellow
berries = Blueberries,Cloudberry,Raspberry,Honey
vegetables = Carrot,Turnip
cookedMeat = CookedLoxMeat,NeckTailGrilled,MeatCooked,FishCooked,SerpentMeatCooked
food = CarrotSoup,Sausages,QueensJam,SerpentStew,TurnipStew,BloodPudding

Preconfigured groups matching item-names by postfixes or prefixes:

[PostfixedItemGroups] posfixes = cone,seeds,pelt,hide # i.e. CarrotSeeds will go to TurnipSeeds
[PrefixedItemGroups] prefixes = trophy,mead,arrow,armor,cape,helmet,atgeir,bow,battleaxe,knife,mace,shield,sledge,spear,sword,tankard # i.e. ArrowFire will go to ArrowFlint

How it works:
When you put an item stack to container via [Ctrl + Click]

if simple container lookup by same-item-name described above has no results then:
check each nearby container and if both container and your item are
– members of same item-names based group (either preconfigured or user-created group form [ItemGroup] config section) – or members of same item-names-prefix based group – or members of same item-names-postfix based group – then item is routed there.
if none matched – check each nearby container and if container has any item with `item-type` same as your items type
then item is routed there (could be disabled with `itemTypeGroupsEnabled` config option)
if none of the above matched and `fuzzyGroupingEnabled` option enabled – additional `item-types` based groups are checked:
IsMaterial, IsConsumable, IsCustomization, IsMisc

Adding custom item groups
Put desired items set to a chest, click the [☼] button (at the bottom-left corner of chest panel).
New group will contain all unique item-names from this chest.

Merging or extending item groups
When you click the [☼] button mod will check if items in current chest are already members of some item-names based group.
In such case – a prompt dialog will appear with options:
– to continue with creating new group anyway
– to merge all detected groups into a single (largest group will be used as a “base” group)

Unloading items.
Configure item-groups & names which should be allowed for ‘unloading’.
Open any chest and click the [⇓⇓] button.

‘Unloading’ Configuration parameters

enabled – (true by default) enables unloading logic & UI button
btnPos – adjust button position
groupsList – List of items group-ids from [ItemGroup] config section allowed to be “unloaded”
itemsList – List of item-names allowed to be “unloaded”
itemsSkipList – High-priority list of item-names to exclude from being “unloaded”
alwaysGrouping – (true by default) – grouping logic is always on for uloading. Otherwise – pressing of groupingKeyModifier required.
addToItemsFilterKeyModifier – If pressed – overrides createGroupBtn behaviour by passing item-names to unload “itemsList” instead of creating new items group
addToSkipItemsFilterKeyModifier – If pressed – overrides createGroupBtn behaviour by passing item-names to unload “itemsSkipList” instead of creating new items group
materialsFiltering – always allow “materials” item type to be “unloaded”
trophiesFiltering – always allow trophies to be “unloaded”
consumableFiltering – (disabled by default) always allow any consubable item to be “unloaded”

How it works:
Checks each non-equipped item in your inventory and:
1. if item is NOT in `itemsSkipList` config option
* if item matches any group from `groupsList` config option
* or item-name is listed in `itemsList` config option
* or item-type is `Materials` and `materialsFiltering` config option enabled
* or item-type is `Trophy` and `trophiesFiltering` config option enabled
* or item-type is `Consumable` and `consumableFiltering` config option enabled
2. try to move item to nearby ‘relevant’ chest

Configuring from game UI
– Shift + click [☼] button: allow all items in currently opened chest to be unloaded by adding their names to `itemsList` config option.
– Ctrl + click [☼] button: disable all items in currently opened chest to be unloaded by adding their names to `itemsSkipList` config option.

Disabling preconfigured groups
You can disable any preconfigured group
– in config file: by deleting part after ‘=’ symbol. Example: “vegetables =”
– from ConfigurationManager UI: by setting value to empty string

ⓘ You can manually verify, merge or add new groups to [ItemGroup] config section.
Example: “fishes = FishRaw,FishCooked”. (requires game-restart)
Item-names could be discovered:
– by googling some “valheim Spawn items list”.
– by pressing “Ctrl + L + click” (instead of Ctrl + click) while moving item to chest: item-name will be printed to console (F5).

Controller support

– set [Grouping] groupingKeyModifier to JoystickButton0 value: RTrigger+A will always use grouping.
Alternatively – set it to JoystickButton6 (map button)
– RightStick click : trigger Create group ([☼]) while at containers-panel .
– RightStick click + RTrigger : same as addToItemsFilterKey.
– RightStick click + LTrigger : same as addToSkipItemsFilterKey.
– menuButton (☰) : triggers Unload-all-items button ([⇓⇓]) while at containers-panel.
– merge-or-create dialog: LeftBumper= Merge, RightBumper=Create
– I’ve tried to mimic games tooltips but they overlap with buttons a bit now. Set [Unload] btnPos = {“x”:1.5,”y”:7.9}
– from 1.6.0 version merge-prompt dialog is not fully supported :!

Configuring mod:

– Recommended: enable in-game console (opened by F5) by adding `-console` launch option.
– Recommended: install latest [BepInEx.ConfigurationManager]
– Start the game. Adjust config via ConfigurationManager while playing game (press F1 while in menu or at inventory UI)
– From a config file at `ValheimBepInExconfigflueno.SmartContainers.cfg`. Requires game restart.

How do you install Smarter containers Mod?

  1. First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.
  2. Download this mod and move the `.dll` into `<GameLocation>BepInExplugins`
  3. Run

Download Smarter containers Mod for Valheim

Created by: Flueno

Version: 1.6.0


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