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SkToolbox For Valheim – Console Admin and Chat Functionality Extender


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What are the fascinating features of the SkToolbox – Console and Chat Functionality Extender game? Is it useful to the players? Find out about this game mod now.

When you start playing Valheim, you will learn a lot about this game.

So did you find out about SkToolbox – Console and Chat Functionality Extender game mod yet?

Is it truly beneficial to the players? Please join us to learn about this game mod right now.

Introduction of  SkToolbox – Console and Chat Functionality Extender

Before learning about SkToolbox, we will give you some general information about the very popular Valheim on Steam game today.

Although only released in February 2021, Valheim has become a popular game in the world gaming community and is on the top of Steam Early Access’s highest sales chart. 

That is a Viking-style survival action game that is very attractive to a lot of players. They sold more than a million copies in 8 days since its release date.

Game mod for both single player and multiplayer modes / Ph.nexusmods
Game mod for both single player and multiplayer modes / Ph.nexusmods

And a lot of Valheim game mods have been produced since then, including SkToolbox – Console and Chat Functionality Extender. That is a game mod that supports expanding the functionality of chat commands in the chatbox and the Valheim game console without changing the game too much. Even the latest version of SkToolbox comes with a few commands to slightly modify the terrain, change Freecam and change the weather name.

Specific Features of SkToolbox – Console and Chat Functionality Extender

The main feature of SkToolbox is accurate as its name suggests. Thanks to SkToolbox, you can change and explore the world of Valheim with 50 commands. SkToolbox will assist you to scroll through previously entered commands with ease and without limitation as you modify your console.

You can use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to slide up and down between lines of commands you have typed. What’s special in SkToolbox is that every command you type will be linked and chained together. And on the same line, you can enter an unlimited number of lines of commands. Very fast and convenient! 

For example, you can type the command in the settings: / set skill [Skill] [Level] (this command has the function of setting the skill level of your character).

Once you install SkToolbox, you won’t need to launch and reload commands. Because every command you enter is automatically started and executed at the server. But these commands are only booted into the first server to save time. Edit the dashboard theme, image, and style to your liking.

Terrain Editing- This feature can make your game a bit laggy if you apply it to a very large terrain area. Therefore, you should be careful when using the commands related to this function.

Experience when using SkToolbox

Through the configuration editing file, you can modify the panel image and style according to your wishes. Therefore, the color, size, and font will match the player’s aesthetic and help them have a better experience.

New Features and Behaviors
This mod works by extending the functionality of the console and chat by providing additional behaviors, commands, and customizations.

  • 50+ new commands! See below.
  • The console is automatically enabled. No need to change launch parameters!
  • Cycle through unlimited command history with up and down arrow keys! By default the game itself only stores the most recently entered command.
  • Execute console commands from chat! (toggle via configuration file)
  • Console commands can be chained! Execute unlimited commands on one line! (This includes the standard game commands, SkToolbox commands, and most other commands added by mods!)
    • For example: “/nocost; /god; /fly” with no quotes would execute each of the three commands one after the other!
  • Commands can be run automatically upon joining a server! (Again, even other custom mod commands often work with this!)
    • This only occurs on first server join after starting the game each time. This is to ensure commands don’t run multiple times and cause unintended consequences.
    • See the settings / configuration file created after first launch with the mod. (ValheimBepInExconfigcom.Skrip.SkToolbox.cfg)
  • (NEW) Auto-complete SkToolbox commands by pressing tab! Other mod (non-SkToolbox) commands supported for auto-complete by using command aliasing!
  • (NEW) The console now supports unlimited console output history and supports scrolling!
  • (NEW) Configurable command hotkeys have been added! You can now assign any printable key to a command or command chain! This also supports the command aliases! In the gif below, there is a hotkey setup where “Hotkey 1 = q: /tl”, and you can see the player pressing “q” as they walk along. Set your own hotkeys in the configuration file!
    Only one command or command chain can be assigned to each key (if hotkey 1 assigns to q, hotkey 2 cannot also assign to q).

  • (NEW) Command aliasing has been added. You can now define custom commands via a configuration file! (Tab auto-complete will fill these commands as well!)

  • The style and visuals of the console can be modified to your liking via a configuration file.
    • The console has been pre-customized with a modern console font and color for better readability.

SkToolbox Command List

    1.             /alt – Use alternate on-screen controls. Press HOME to toggle if active.
    2.             /coords – Show coords in corner of the screen
    3.             /console [0/1] – Toggle the console. No parameter with toggle. 1 = Open, 0 = Closed. Intended for use with hotkeys and aliases.
    4.             /clear – Clears the current console output
    5.             /clearinventory – Removes all items from your inventory. There is no confirmation, be careful.
    6.             /detect [Range=20] – Toggle enemy detection
    7.             /echo [Text] – Echo the text back to the console. This is intended for use with aliases and the autorun features.
    8.             /env [Weather Name] – Change the weather. No parameter provided will list all weather. -1 will allow the game to control the weather again.
    9.             /farinteract [Distance=50] – Toggles far interactions (building as well)
    10.             /findtomb – Pin nearby tombstones on the map if any currently exist
    11.             /fly – Toggle flying
    12.             /freecam – Toggle the freecam
    13.             /ghost – Toggle Ghostmode
    14.             /give [Item] [Qty=1], OR /give [Item] [Qty=1] [Player] [Level=1] – Gives item to player. If player has a space in name, only provide name before the space. Capital letters matter in item / player name!
    15.             /god – Toggle Godmode
    16.             /heal [Player=local] – Heal Player
    17.             /imacheater – Use the toolbox to force enable standard cheats on any server (some are non-functional still. Work in progress!)
    18.             /infstam – Toggles infinite stamina
    19.             /killall – Kills all nearby creatures
    20.             /listitems [Name Contains] – List all items. Optionally include name contains. Ex. /listitems Woo returns any item that contains the letters ‘Woo’
    21.             /listprefabs [Name Contains] – Lists all prefabs – List all prefabs/creatures. Optionally include name starts with. Ex. /listprefabs Troll returns any prefab that starts with the letters ‘Troll’
    22.             /listskills – Lists all skills
    23.             /nocost – Toggle no requirement building
    24.             /nores – Toggle building restrictions (build anywhere except ward zones)
    25.             /nosup – Toggle building support requirements  – WARNING! – If you rejoin and this is disabled, your structures may fall apart. I recommend using this with the autorun functionality.
    26.             /portals – List all portal tags
    27.             /q – Exit the game quickly
    28.             /removedrops – Removes items from the ground
    29.             /repair – Repair your inventory
    30.             /resetmap – Reset the map exploration
    31.             /resetwind – If wind has been set, this will allow the game to take control of the wind again
    32.             /revealmap – Reveals the entire minimap
    33.             /seed – Reveals the current world seed
    34.             /set cw [Weight] – Set your weight limit (default 300)
    35.             /set difficulty [Player Count] – Set the difficulty (default is number of connected players)
    36.             /set exploreradius [Radius] – Set the explore radius (default = 100)
    37.             /set jumpforce [Force] – Set jump force (default 10). Careful if you fall too far!
    38.             /set pickup [Radius] – Set your auto pickup radius (default 2)
    39.             /set skill [Skill] [Level] – Set your skill level
    40.             /set speed [Speed Type] [Speed] – Speed Types: crouch (def: 2), run (def: 7), swim (def: 2)
    41.             /spawn [Creature Name] [Level=1] – Spawns a creature or prefab in front of you. Capitals in name matter! (Use /give for items!) – Please note that as of Valheim version 0.147.3, the game only shows up to 2 stars for creatures, but there is currently a level cap of 10 with this command. Creatures higher than level 3 will show 0 stars, but are in fact the higher level.
    42.             /stopevent – Stops a current event

Terrain Modification

    1. Please note that excessive terrain modification can eventually cause some lag in your world. This game was meant for 


    1.  terrain modification, but this can enable 

a lot

    1.  of modification. Use this as you would like, but be careful with large areas. 

Please backup your world before using the terrain modification commands.

    1.             /td [Radius=5] [Height=1] – Dig nearby terrain. Radius 30 max.
    2.             /tl [Radius=5] – Level nearby terrain. Radius 30 max.
    3.             /tr [Radius=5] [Height=1] – Raise nearby terrain. Radius 30 max.
    4.             /tu [Radius=5] – Undo/reset all terrain modifications within the radius. Radius 50 max.

  1.             /tame – Tame all nearby creatures
  2.             /tod [0-1] – Set time of day (-1 to unlock time) – /tod 0.5
  3.             /tp [X,Z] – Teleport you to the coords
  4.             /wind [Angle] [Intensity] – Set the wind direction and intensity
  5.             /whois – List all players
    • On-screen controls have now been incorporated to make the use of many commands more convenient.

Press Numpad 0 to open the on-screen controls. Try /alt if you don’t have numpad keys!

Enemy Detection – Colored by Range

Portal Detection

Terrain Modification

Auto-Run Commands and Command Chaining (“/nosup; /god” shown here!)

How To Use
When you are ready to use the mod, you’ll simply type “help” in the console (F5) to see the available commands. Note you’ll see the default commands, and a new one at the bottom!

If you then enter /? to see the Toolbox help, you’ll see a list of available commands, their usage, and a description:

Overall, SkToolbox is a great game mod because it is produced with many functions and rich in commands. SkToolbox will not disappoint players because of it. SkToolbox – Console and Chat Functionality Extender is really useful and players should consider experiencing it.


  • As of Version 1.7.0, BepInEx is required. Please note that many mod managers are compatible with BepInEx, including Vortex, r2modman, and InSlimVML.

How To Install SkToolbox Mod?
This mod is installed to your client not a server.
    • Simply open the BepInEx zip file and extract all contents to the game’s root directory (You’ll see valheim.exe and UnityPlayer.dll in this folder).

  • After extraction, in the game root folder, you should see the Valheim.exe file, and the BepInEx folder in the same folder. (Example:

    • Run the game and enjoy.
If you are just updating or already have BepInEx installed and you downloaded the DLL file, just place this file in the BepInEx plugins directory.
• I just need to update! What do I do?
    • Extract the .dll file to the plugins folder, run the game.

 Mod Compatibility Q/A

    • What mods is this compatible with?

All of them. This mod is not known to interfere with other mods

    • What mod managers / loaders is this compatible with?

So far it is known to work with BepInEx, Vortex, r2modman (Thunderstore) and InSlimVML w/BepInEx.

    • Is it compatible with Vulkan?


    • The game had an update! Do I need to download a new version of this mod?

No. This mod is designed for maximum compatibility. It is unlikely a game update will break this mod. If there is a break, it is likely that only specific commands will break. So far this has not occurred on any version!

Download SkToolbox Mod for Valheim

Credit and Donate: Skrip037


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