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Skill Injector Mod for Valheim


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What you can do with the Skill Injector in the Valheim Game?

Skill Injector, the mod will help you inject skills into Valheim’s skill system. From there, your ability and fighting skills will become more superior. So how can you best use this mod? Join us to learn about the Skill Injector mod and what you can do with it!

Everything you need to know about the Skill Injector

Created by the developer of the game pipkin, Skill Injector allows players to inject new skills to the mod’s creator simply. Although the new mod was released not long ago, it has had more than 4000 downloads. This proves the great uses of the mod for game players.

For the mod to work properly, the BepInEx Package for Valheim is required. Pre-configured and includes unsorted Unity DLLs. Without the BepInEx mod, you will encounter many difficulties. Besides, some players also have difficulty downloading and installing this mod, so we would like to introduce you to more details about the installation instructions.

Skill Injector Mod for Valheim

Installation Instructions

You install it the same way you would for any BepInEx mod; throw it in the plugins directory. Then unzip and install like you have installed other mods.

User manual

This mod will handle adding to the list and also cheating options (Raise / Reset). Helps you handle getting XP and actually applying effects. You will need to choose a unique number for your skill id. I want to stick with numbers> 200.



   [BepInDependency (“com.pipakin.SkillInjectorMod”)]

    public class MySkillMod: BaseUnityPlugin


        const int SKILL_TYPE = 299;



        void Awake ()


        SkillInjector.RegisterNewSkill (SKILL_TYPE, “MyCoolSkill”, “Doing Cool Stuff”, 1.0f, null, Skills.SkillType.Unarmed);





The parameters are:

ID number for your skills – MUST BE ONLY.

name – the name of your skill.

description – describe your skills.

increment – Increases to adjust your skills as they increase.

icon- icons for your skills (Unity Sprite). It could be hollow if you use your modeling skill as the basis for your emblem.

template – icon copying skills if you don’t provide icons.

Known Issues – Does not support multiple languages ​​for the skill name (is working on it).

Player reviews about Skill Injector

All mods are created to give players a more positive experience. There are quite a few players that have difficulty installing and using this mod because the developer does not have detailed instructions. It’s also possible that the game developer thought creating it was so simple that no instructions are needed. So to solve this problem between players and game developers we have sent you detailed instructions of installation and usage.

We hope that you will have a great experience as you inject more skills and gain more achievements in the game.

You will also likely have some language problems as this mod mostly only uses English. According to the developer, to improve this when you apply for a skill, it will have a name, this skill name is fixed and cannot be translated. You can use translations with other languages. So please try to remember the names of the skills as we instructed.

So you already know what you can do with the Skill Injector mod, right? Wish you have many successful plays!

How do you install Mod?

  1. First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.
  2. Download this mod and move the `all file` into `<GameLocation>BepInExplugins`
  3. Run the game.

Download Skill Injector Mod for Valheim

Credit: pipakin

Version: 1.1.1


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