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Rodrigo’s Resource Pack 1.7.10 -> 1.16.5


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While there are many PvP resource packs out there these days, it can be not easy to find one with the best PvP experience. A lot of them come with a lot of unnecessary features and textures that end up hurting Minecraft performance and hampering the PvP experience.

However, some great PvP packs are still out there, including Rodrigo’s 8 × 8 Resource Pack. This pack is designed to avoid any indirect or direct factors that may affect your gaming experience in any way. Instead, this user-friendly pack allows you to focus on the battle. When it comes to visuals, Rodrigo’s pack was keen not to change Minecraft’s default art style too much. To make the game look brighter and sharper, textures have been toned down slightly, and all unnecessary details have been removed.

It also improves Minecraft performance in-game, even on low-end PCs. It’s also worth mentioning the pack’s color palette, a brighter variation of the vanilla palette. This color scheme is in perfect synergy with the textures of the game. Finally, this low resolution gives Minecraft smooth performance without slowing down, even when used on low-end computers without adequate hardware.

Get into a cartoon and colorful world!

This texture pack have a brighter and colorful palette tones, also removes a lot of redundant
details and adds grids to all blocks, which gives to the game a more simplistic and cartoony look

• Tons of new connected textures: it contain more connected textures than an average texture pack, from wool,
to concrete, and even the shroomlight, for a total of 205 blocks, giving to you more possibilities to building (requires OptiFine)

 • Realistic environment: even if the texture pack is made for being cartoon, I have worked so hard on giving it a
custom lightmap, custom sky colors and custom fog colors, to make it look like if you were using some lite shader
with oranges sunsets, warm torch lights on your house while is raining, or a lonely light purple fog on the End
(check my OptiFine settings suggestions to have those looks, requires OptiFine)

 • Handmade block models: I have also taken a lot of time adding custom block models for sub blocks like slabs,
stairs, fences, walls and more blocks, adding to them custom textures over the default ones to look better and fix some
common vanilla visual issues, with more than 230 models including blocks and some items (all of them one by one
without third programs, that’s why the hand-made)

 • Multi-language font: I have edited the ascii, non-latin european and accented font files to get the simplistic
squared font on almost every popular language

 • Custom sounds: you hungry? no problem, it also contains some sounds when eating to satisfy even more the
simplistic experience

 • And more: custom colorful colormap for grass and trees, custom loading screen for more immersive experience
(requires optifine), multiple popular game versions kept updated until today, etc

How to install a Resource Pack?

Time required:  2 minutes.

When you download a resource pack , you get a compressed file containing all the data – modifiable at will – of the pack. You have to drag this document into the appropriate file that we will now find on the different operating systems. Here is the procedure to follow :

  1. Download the resource pack or texture pack of your choice

    To download a resource pack, you can find a selection of the best texture packs 

  2. Access your resource pack folder

    To go to the resource pack folder located in .minecraft . under Windows do Windows Key + R and type: % appdata% . minecraft resourcepacks. Under Linux type in your console bar ~ / .minecraft / resourcepacks /. In MacOS , type this ~ / Library / Application Support / minecraft / resourcepacks

  3. Put your texture pack in the Resource Pack folder

    Drag the archive of the texture pack you downloaded into the resource pack folder.

  4. Launch Minecraft

    When you have put your pack, launch your Minecraft game

  5. Access Minecraft options

    To do this, when you are in the game, press the Esc key and in Options, go to Resource Packs and select the one you have installed.

  6. Enjoy the new graphics of Minecraft!

    If the installation was successful, you should notice a change in the textures of the game. Have a nice game!

Download Rodrigo’s Resource Pack 1.7.10 -> 1.16.5



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