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Overview of Discard Inventory Items


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Destroying items in Valheim is not easy as there is no explicit function in the game to remove them.

Removing inventory items is indeed a feature many players are looking for, including you. The Discard Inventory Items mod is a simple way to destroy items you do not want in Valheim anymore. This is a great method to get rid of old devices or titles that you do not know what to do. Just make sure you’re ready to delete an item when you do, as there is no way to undo.

About Valheim

According to Norse mythology, Valheim is the 10th world among the worlds that coexist in the universe. This is where the Viking warriors, after their death, will be sent their souls to the Valkyrie to undergo the process of purification and to train themselves. However, a number of events have happened that caused Valheim to fall out of control. Ancient evil forces, chaotic creatures one by one arose and destroyed the orders inherent in Valheim. As a brave warrior, a new guardian of Valheim, you will have many battles with those chaotic creatures to stop them and restore order in this land.

Coming to Valheim, players will be immersed in the lives of Viking warriors who are ready to fight enemies as well as travel in the wilderness to explore different mysteries. Monsters’ system is relatively diverse, from dry skeletons that know how to use weapons to giant bosses like The Elder, or Bonemass.

In addition to participating in epic mortal battles, you can also do basic everyday tasks such as building houses, collecting, using, and managing resources properly, and more.

Valheim also owns a unique system of crafting and upgrading items. Not only that, this game also gives you a unique feature that allows you to bring your characters to many different worlds (servers).

Overview of Discard Inventory Items mod

In fact, to survive in Valheim, you will need to constantly collect crafting resources to expand your base or forge new tools, weapons, and armor. Therefore, you will need storage space. But what if you don’t have space? How do you destroy and delete items to add new? That’s when you need the Discard Inventory Items mod.

With the Discard Inventory Items mod, you can instantly and irrevocably remove from the game any items you are currently dragging in an inventory by a hotkey (the Delete key by default). You need to think carefully because there is no confirm dialogue, there is no undo button, there is no warranty.

Discard Inventory Items mod

How to use this mod?

Discard Inventory Items mod was created by aedenthorn on Nexus Mods. With the Delete key or any other hotkey you like, you can permanently delete any inventory item players have loaded on their cursor from the game. Alternatively, you can use this mod on broken inventory stacks to partially clear the number of items.


A config file BepInEx/config/aedenthorn.DiscardInventoryItem.cfg is created after running the game once with this mod).

You can adjust the config values by editing this file using a text editor

To reload the config from the config file, type discardinventoryitem reset into the game’s console (F5).

How do you install Discard Inventory Items Mod?

First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.

To install manually, place the dll file in the BepInEx/plugins folder. You will need BepInEx.

Download Discard Inventory Items Mod for Valheim

Credit: aedenthorn


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