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When your character is in Valheim, they need many rows in inventory because they must fight enemies & monsters. More slot mod helps you have more space to keep them and continue your fight. Our below information will help players know more about this mod and outstanding feature.


Fang86 created more Slots. This mod was uploaded on 24 Feb 2021. The purpose of creating this mod is to add extra rows into the player’s inventory. The players’ inventory has more rows for items. 2 rows with 16 slots will be added by default. And with More slots, everything may be changed. You can change the number of rows to any numbers you want as long as it is equal or over 4. 

Using More slots mod to have more rows
Using More slots mod to have more rows

However, until now some bugs exist as feedback from players. Therefore, this mod needs more time to be completed perfectly. At this time, you shouldn’t exceed 8 slots.
One more problem: if your items are still being kept in the extra rows, don’t remove More Slot mod. When you remove this mod, your items will disappear. And items also disappear when dying. If this case happens, you can consider using the gravekeeper mod. This mod gives you two gravestones to fit your items into them.

More Slots mod have some optional files. They are used instead of using the main file. In case you apply these such files, you have to be sure that your optional file is suitable.

Do these files match or not?

That is an important thing you must check. Gravekeeper is not a problem here. Although, after 1.1.6 it seems optional files are not necessary anymore. But it would be best if you didn’t forget them because sometimes you need them to try out while unexpected issues happen.

How to use this mod? 

When you want to adjust the rows in your inventory, do step by step like this:

Go to the address ValheimBepInExconfig and open moreslots.cfg in notepad. You will see the number after the sign “=”. Change this number. New number should be >= 4 because some unexpected problem might happen if you change by the number below 4.

After installing and using this mod, many players would like to have more features for this mod. They think it should add craftable backpacks. The chest slots should be increased, too.

Planned additions/changes

  • Add craftable backpacks
  • Increase number of chest slots
  • Move chest UI down

How to install More slots mod for the Valheim game?

Below is an instruction for you to install More Slots manually. Firstly, you have to check if you have BepInEx installed or not. If you don’t have it, install it. After doing that, you place moreslots.dll (extract zip) into (Your Steam games directory)ValheimBepInExplugins. Please note that  you must run your game with the installed mod before the config file is generated.

Although More slots mod is useful for Valheim’s players but it can’t negate that many things should be changed, added and fixed to be the perfect version. While you are using this mod, if you have any problem, please share other players and find out the solution.

Download More slots mod for Valheim

Credit: Fang86

Version 1.1.6

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