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Map Sync Mod


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It’s more fun to be able to receive or send map data while playing Valheim. Learning about features of this Map Sync mod in this article to understand why you should install it.

If you are looking to share your map data or history of exploration in Valheim, this Map Sync mod can help. When installing this mod, you will find it easy to share your location with just a few simple steps. It allows you to enjoy a better gaming experience. Learn more about this Map Sync mod in this article.

Things you need to know about Map Sync

This Map Sync mod will allow you to send/receive your data with friends as mentioned earlier. Whether you want to share or you want to receive, you just need to stand close to other players and press F10.

There are a lot of benefits of sharing your map data. For example, you and your friends will all know important information so that you can support each other better.
However, this Map Sync mod Valheim is client-side only, so you don’t install it on the servers. Any player wishing to send or receive map data they have to install it. If you are one of them, you know what to do!

It’s easy to install this Map Sync mod
It’s easy to install this Map Sync mod

What are the features of this Map Sync mod?

There are some interesting features that the Map Sync mod comes with. Check it out! 

Here are the default keys:

  • Press F10 to send map.
  • Press Removed to send Resolution Data.
  • Press F11 to send Map Pin Data.
  • Press F9 to toggle on/off Mod.

To get the best out of this mod, you must stand close to your friend(s) and all of you have to press F10. After pressing, you have shared your exploration data or merged your data into their map. Your map will instantly refresh so that you can see the new data.

-Pin Flag Duplicate Distance: 25 (pins with same name+type which are closer than this are flagged as duplicate).

Keep in mind that if you are the only person to press F10, your friends will have your data merged into their map, but you will not have their data. For Pin Data syncing, you just need to press F11. It works with different pin types in the game such as bed’s location, pings and more. To avoid your pin being flagged as duplicate, make sure that the pin’s icon is not the same type, the names are not equal or the distance is not lower than the limit. 

As you can see, this Map Sync mod Valheim is very useful. So make sure that you install this mod to share your map data in Valheim with friends.

You can now configure which hotkeys to use for the mod.
!For the configuration file to be generated you have to join a game first with the mod loaded!
The configuration file will be generated in the folder where you copied the mod’s .dll file. 
(…Valheim_root/Inslimvml/mods/ , or …Valheim_root/Bepinex/plugins/)


I generally recommend using the F5-F11 section for the keys, but you can set anything the game recognizes.
Configuration values for the Key settings can be found in the Properties table of this page:
Values in the left column shall be used (e.g. Backspace, Delete, F1,F2,….)

If you make a mistake delete it and then a new one will be generated when entering a game.

How to install this Map Sync mod?

Map Sync mod will enhance your experience with the game, so you should definitely install this mod. This is how you can install this Map Sync mod.
Firstly, you need a mod loader. You can choose to install either InSlimVML mod loader or BepInEx mod loader.

Secondly, you need to download the proper ZIP and extract content. If you chose InSlim VML as your mod loader, you will need to extract content to ***YourValheimFolder***/InSlimVML/Mods/. Otherwise, it will be ***YourValheimFolder***/BepInEx/plugins/.
And that’s it. You can enjoy the features of this mod. Although this mod is very useful to gamers, some people might not like to use it. In that case, it’s also easy to uninstall it.

Download Map Sync Mod for Valheim

Credit: Nashy


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