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Instant Monster Loot Drop


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Instant Monster Loot Drop – A useful mod for Valheim

If you wonder how to make your monsters drop loot in your game, this Instant Monster Loot Drop mod can help. Just install it and enjoy a better gaming experience.

For those who don’t know, Instant Monster Loot Drop is a valuable mod to add to Valheim. And yes, there are many helpful mods out there that you can install to the game. This one is just different. Learn more about Instant Monster Loot Drop mod in this article.

What is Instant Monster Loot Drop mod?

The title is clear, and this mod makes monsters drop their loot and poof immediately. It sounds like a powerful function, but this Instant Monster Loot Drop mod is very simple. The way it works is that it removes the delay on monsters going poof and dropping their loot. It works perfectly on animals, monsters, and all of your enemies.

Whenever you feel the need to make monsters in Valheim to drop the loot, the Instant Monster Loot Drop mod can help. This mod is not complicated to install, and you can even set a custom delay by editing the config file.

As long as players run the game with this mod one time, it will create a config file BepInEx/config/aedenthorn.InstantMonsterDrop.cfg. From here, the config values can be adjusted by editing this file using a text editor .

If you want to reload the config from the config file, simply type instantmonsterdrop reset into the game’s console.

How can this mod improve your gaming experience?

This Instant Monster Loot Drop mod is undoubtedly helpful. Since Valheim is an interesting action game, it has a common mechanic that players see a lot in this type of game. When enemies drop some item or reward upon dying, the character will then collect those items and give the player some advantage.
With that said, this mod allows you to get rid of the enemies and gain some useful loot.

Obviously, every player wants their enemies to drop some loot in the game. Because this gives their character an incentive to confront and destroy them, some items dropped can give stats, power-ups, or even goals to the player, which is an additional benefit.

How to install the Instant Monster Loot Drop mod?

  1. As we already mentioned, this Instant Monster Loot Drop mod is easy to install. Players can use Vortex, which is the Nexus Mods mod manager. This is the most straightforward way as it takes good care of all dependencies.
  2. For those who want to install the mod manually, you need to place the dll file in the BepInEx/plugins folder. That means you need to install BepInEx. And that’s it, run the game and enjoy the outstanding features that this Instant Monster Loot Drop mod offers.
  3. As you can see, this Instant Monster Loot Drop mod is handy. It will help you enjoy the game more, especially when your enemies drop the items that you have always wanted to have. Hopefully, you have clearly understood this mod with the information above.
  4. Now install the mod and enjoy it!

Download Instant Monster Loot Drop mod for Valheim

Credit: aedenthorn

Version 0.2.1
Added console command


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