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Hold Attack Mod


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Hold Attack Mod – Where you can release any stress

For those who have been struggling to attack by pressing the button in Valheim, it’s time to install the Hold Attack mod. This useful mod will offer you an easy attacking and farming experience.

This plugin allows you to hold mine and attack.

When it comes to survival games, Valheim is one of the most challenging games to play. There are even more mods created to bring more joy to players, including the Hold Attack mod. Installing this mod, gamers will be allowed to hold mine and attack easily. Learn more about this mod in this article.

About the Hold Attack mod

This Hold Attack mod is actually a BepInEx plugin that allows players to mine ore and cut wood easily. In addition, you will be able to fight comfortably. There is no need to smash the button and hold down the attack key anymore.

Hold Attack

With this little BepInEx plugin you can mine ore, cut wood and even fight with more comfort than ever. Say goodby to button mashing and hold down the attack key (or don’t press anything at all).
Hold Attack Mod

In addition, this is a beneficial mod for farming. With this Hold Attack Mod, the attack button will stay activated from when you press the mod button until you press it again. You don’t need to keep pressing the button to attack, and worry about having a carpal tunnel.
However, this mod can be tricky and quite annoying if you activate it in combat. If you are not an experienced gamer who can manage with dual blades, you should only use it while farming for wood and mining.

This Hold Attack mod for Valheim is another free mod to download and install. If you want to enjoy a comfortable gaming experience, you should install this mod to attack. It will help you improve mechanics and change the quality of the game.

Beginners should only use this mod for cutting wood and mining
Beginners should only use this mod for cutting wood and mining

With this mod, the gameplay remains the same, but Valheim will become a more enjoyable game for players to challenge themselves.
The configuration and installation of this Hold Attack Mod

Players can toggle the mod with key bindings. These are the reasons why you can attack without the need to press the attack button. Before you want to activate the attack again, you can even adjust a delay. Furthermore, you can set the delay for any weapon, which is very useful when you use custom animation speed.

With that said, fans of Valheim can’t help but to install this mod. If it has come across your mind, you will be happy to know that it’s easy for this mod to be installed. 

All you need to do is to extract the contents of “plugins” folder into <GameDirectory>Bepinexplugins”. When you start the game once, the configuration file “Toawy.HoldAttack will be generated. And you now can enjoy the improved attacking experience.

Besides, there are different versions for you to download. Depending on how many features of this mod that you want to take advantage of, you can choose a suitable version. But the latest version is usually the best one for you to install. Because it comes with all the updates you need and it fixes all the errors that the other versions encountered.

It’s time to attack monsters nonstop as well as farm comfortably with the Hold Attack Mod. You won’t regret having this mod to use. Give it a try! 


You can configurate key bindings to toggle the mod (default: H) and to keep attacking without pressing the attack button (default: None). For key naming conventions look at
You can also adjust a delay (the number of FixedUpdates) before the attack is activated again. Decrease this if you are experiencing a pause between attacks. Optionally the delay can be set for each weapon. This is useful if you use custom animation speed.

How do you install Hold Attack Mod?

First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.

Finally drag the .dll unzipped folder -> <Steam Location>steamappscommonValheimBepInExplugin

Download Hold Attack Mod for Valheim

Credit: Toawy

Version 0.4.2

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