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HD Valheim (WIP) Mod


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HD Valheim (WIP) mod in the game Valheim

In the survival game genre, players always like to have a sharp configuration. Sharp images will give you a more authentic, attractive, and amazing feel.
The survival game genres often have disadvantages in terms of graphics. The lack of sharp graphics will make players feel bored, even if they do not want to play games anymore.

On the contrary, the configuration and sharp graphics will attract more players. Valheim’s game has overcome the problem of image sharpness thanks to HD Valheim (WIP) mod. When there is this mod, the content and images in the game will be in HD mode, and it is sharper and clearer.

HD Valheim (WIP) Mod
HD Valheim (WIP) Mod

What is a Valheim game?

In Valheim, you will play the role of a Viking warrior and journey to the afterlife. Your soul will fight endlessly with the enemies of Odin – the supreme ruler of Norse mythology. You will build houses, craft weapons and equipment, upgrade skills, unlock crafting recipes. You are exploring deeper and deeper into a giant and dangerous world.

Players will experience the feeling of fighting and survival to train themselves in the mythical and mysterious world. The monster system is designed to be relatively diverse and lively. Through adventure, you can unlock more areas. And collect more resources as well as items needed for his survival.
Valheim owns a multitude of maps as well as different areas. You will be able to explore them in turn through the course of combat and assigned missions. With a vast and extremely large world, you will be able to unleash to explore and experience extremely dramatic and engaging combat senses. Moreover, conquering these new lands, you can also find many new items as well as materials and equipment. Thereby helping our equipment system as well as our items become richer and more diverse.

Valheim is an ideal choice for those who love survival games, adventure in mysterious lands.

HD Valheim (WIP) mod at Valheim

To improve the image quality in the game Valheim, HD Valheim (WIP) mod was created. It replaces the basic visual textures of Valheim with high-quality HD images. All details are completed to the most perfect.

In addition, this mod can fix all graphics errors in the game, improve image quality. The user interface is also significantly improved. Replace the flora with good quality and vivid images. You can also adjust performance if desired. 

The features of HD Valheim (WIP) mod at Valheim game

  • Fix graphic errors
  • Change photo texture to HD
  • More viewing angles, the model works smoother
  • Improved and replaced user interface for better
  • Performance can be adjusted arbitrarily

When configured, the image and user interface in the game is improved and more attractive to players. Especially in HD mode, the flora and fauna in the game will become vivid and eye-catching. The user experience will be amazing. 

It can be said that HD Valheim (WIP) is a very necessary mod in the game Valheim. It helps improve the configuration, interface and visuals of the game, all becoming sharper and more vivid. Your adventures will also get fun with a brand new look, better when they’re in a simple grid form. If you do not have HD Valheim (WIP) mod, install it now to enjoy!


Is this compatible with the Custom Meshes/Textures/etc. mods?

Yes. Install my mod first, then whichever mod that you want made by aedenthorn.

My game keeps crashing!

Each update of this mod is tailored for the latest version of Valheim. Make sure your game is up to date; note, updating your game will overwrite the .assets files. If the problem persists, try to download the mod again. Sometimes large files can get corrupted while downloading. If that doesn’t work, try my MediaFire mirror.


I can’t install this on my dedicated server!

Think of this as an old-fashioned Minecraft server. Don’t make this mod a dependency for the server. Instead, allow users to choose whichever texture/graphics mods they like.


Grass and flora keep popping into view!

This issue was always present, even in the base game. My grasses make it more apparent, however. Download Graphics Config Plus and Grass Tweaks. Tweak those settings to resolve the issue. Otherwise, download my config files.


How do I install the Player Voices addon?

This is simply an immersive integration of grunt noises into base recordings. Please download Custom Audio by aedenthorn, and then install this addon.


How do I install the ReShade preset?

ReShade is a powerful post processing FX injector. It works for a variety of games, and Valheim is no different. Please download ReShade from their website, and follow this tutorial to install it for Valheim.


How to uninstall?

  1. Delete all of the .assets files from your Valheimvalheim_Data directory
  2. In your Steam library, right click on Valheim > Properties
  3. Click Local Files
  4. Click Verify Integrity of Game Files
  5. The original files will download

How to install HD Valheim (WIP) Mod?

  1. First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.
  2. To install manually, Drag and drop into your Valheimvalheim_Data folder and overwrite what is there, or Install via Vortex Mod Manager

Download HD Valheim (WIP) Mod for Valheim

Credit: Aurelius

Version: 0.6.8-2


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