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FarmGrid Mod


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FarmGrid is a great quality of life mod for Valheim

If you say a simple FarmGrid mod of Valheim it is a mod that allows for all plants planted with the cultivator to automatically be snapped and placed into a grid in which they will have enough space to grow. So what is more specific about it, let’s go find out!

Valheim is a survival game that young people very much love. To survive under any conditions, you need food, vegetables, and fruit. To help players get more energy to survive and fight longer, game developers have created “FarmGrid” as the gamer calls it; this is a great quality of life mod for Valheim.

FarmGrid will help you have the garden you dream of!
FarmGrid will help you have the garden you dream of!

What do players say about FarmGrid?

A lot of players have downloaded this mod and rated this mod as an absolutely perfect mod. Thank the developers so much for making it! To use this mod effectively, you need to install it with the PP without any changes.

Simplicity is great. Barley is a visual mess, and it drives players crazy trying to get 80% -90% efficiency. With FarmGird, players can replant their farms without much effort.

The mod is very good and perfect for the player’s OCD. This mod can also connect to Planting Plus to make your gardening work perfect. Adding several types of profiles to the mod (Mesh size/custom mesh size for different crops / Losing a% of durability per use) is highly regarded for usability.

OMG, such straight lines are amazing! Wow, this is changing my plays in the game; I will never play the game without this mod, thanks!
I can plant straight rows of trees. This is great! Thank you very much!

Instructions to install the mod

First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.

Finally drag the unzipped Ports folder -> <Steam Location> steamapps common Valheim BepInEx plugin

After you have successfully installed and started your game, the mod will be enabled. To disable it, simply delete it from the mod folder or change configuration.

In the process of using this mod if you want to fix the red mushroom you can add the following to your list:

Pickable_Mushroom: 0.5, Pickable_Mushroom (Clone): 0.5

You know no mesh appears only on default trees and PlantingPlus plants, but does not appear for shrubs, fungi, dandelions and thistle configurations:

plantObjectMasks = piece, piece_nonsolid, item

customPlants = RaspberryBush (Clone): 0.5, RaspberryBush: 0.5, BlueberryBush (Clone): 0.5, BlueberryBush: 0.5, Pickable_Mushroom_yellow (Clone): 0.5, Pickable_Mushroom_yellow: 0.5, Pickable_Mushroom_blue (Clone): 0.5, Pickable_Mushroom_blue: 0.5, CloudberryBush: 0.5, CloudberryBush: 0.5 CloudberryBush: 0.5, Pickable_Thistle: 0.5, Pickable_Thistle: 0.5, Pickable_Dandelion: 0.5, Pickable_Dandelion: 0.5, Pickable_Mushroom : 0.5, Pickable_Mushroom: 0.5

We have just shared with you the most complete information about FarmGrid that we have. Hope you will read and follow the instructions carefully. Thank you so much for reading this article. Have a good time playing the game!

Download FarmGrid Mod for Valheim

Credit: Sarcen

Version: 0.2.0

Version 0.2.0
Download FarmGrid Mod 0.2.0 (Downloads: 3996)

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