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Equipment and Quick Slots Mod


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How to keep your items with Equipment and Quick Slots?

Your gear is lost on death? But you still don’t know how to solve this problem. Now you don’t need to worry anymore because you have Equipment and quick slots.

Equipment and Quick Slots

If you are afraid that your gear is lost on death and trying to find the way to solve this problem, please consider and try with Equipment and quick slots version 2.0. You don’t need to worry about your gear after the death in the Valheim game. Everything is still kept for you, even when you uninstall or any error happens. 

So, what is Equipment and quick slots? 

Equipment and quick slots are necessary for all of the players in Valheim. Valheim is a famous survival game.  It is inspired by Viking culture and mythology. When you join the game, you will become a slain Viking warrior. You are a part of Valheim, which is called the tenth realm. It doesn’t belong to the systems of Nine realms as in Norse cosmology. In this cosmology, they believe that there are nine realms in the universe. These realms flow from the great tree known as Yggdrasil. 

When you are in the tenth realms, you have to fight monsters, try to slay Odin’s enemies as well as build a home. To do all of the tasks, you need many gears. You also must keep these gears safely for use. It is a reason for you to have Equipment and quick slots. Your items are kept in dedicated inventory slots. Players manage and use it in a convenient way. 

The 2.0 version of Equipment and quick slots was created by Randyknapp and uploaded on 23 Feb 2021. This version uses a new system to save and load under the hood.

What should you do before installing Equipment and quick slots? Before you install version 2.0 of Equipment and quick slots,  you have to remove 1.x version because they are not compatible with each other. 

How to upgrade to version 2.0 for Equipment and quick slots?

You must do step by step to upgrade your Equipment and quick slots to new version as following:

  • Start your game but you still use the old mod. 
  • Then find a safe place to keep your characters inside. 
  • Take all equipment you have and move them to out of current quick slots.
  • Use the game menu to quit then uninstall the old Equipment and quick slots version. 
  • After removing the old version, start to install the new one. 
  • When you finish installation, start the game again. At that time you will see new empty slots to arrange your items. 

What do you receive from the new version of Equipment and quick slots?

By upgrading Equipment and quick slots, you will not be worried anymore that your gears in the game will disappear when your character is dead. Nothing is lost when you uninstall or some errors happen in an accidental way. Gamepad is also supported better. With the new Equipment and quick slots, you feel easy and confident to join the game.

Your gear doesn’t disappear on death with Equipment & quick slots version 2.0
Your gear doesn’t disappear on death with Equipment & quick slots version 2.0

Do you install and experience this version of Equipment and quick slots? If you haven’t yet, why do you try it right now and share with us your experience and other players?


Valheim Plus Mod

How to install Equipment and Quick Slots?

To install this mod requires you to install BepInExPack Valheim first.

Step 1: Download the Mod and Unzip it
Step 2: Copy the files, and Paste it in Game Main Folder

Step 3: Launch, Enjoy


Download Equipment and Quick Slots for Valheim


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