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Custom Container Sizes for Valheim


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Why do you need this mod?

If you struggle with your inventory, you will need the Custom Container Sizes mod. It allows you to change the sizes of your cart, chest, and inventories in the game.

It takes time to get updates in Valheim. If you want those updates quickly, you will need the Valheim modding community. There have been some neat mods developed to help you change the way you play your game. Custom Container Sizes mod is one of them. So what does this mod help you in Valheim? Check it out!

What is Custom Container Sizes mod?

The Custom Container Sizes mod is one of the best mods that are currently available to download for Valheim. It was developed by Aedenthorn and you can use it to set custom sizes for your cart, chest and even ship inventories.

In particular, the Custom Container Sizes mod for Valheim allows you to set custom sizes, including width and height for the item grid in containers, as the name suggests.

Custom Container Sizes for Valheim
Custom Container Sizes for Valheim

These are the items that you are allowed to set custom sizes for:

  • Wooden chests with the default size of 8×4.
  • Personal Chests with the default size of 6×3.
  • Reinforced Chests with the default size of 8×8.
  • Carts with the default size of 8×4.
  • Karve with the default size of 6×3.
  • Longship with the default size of 8×4.

You can change the sizes by using a text editor and editing the file BepInEx/config/aedenthorn.CustomContainerSizes.cfg. This file will be created after when you run the game with this mod for the first time, just like other mods for Valheim. In addition, you can use the Config Manager to adjust the config values in-game. Keep in mind that the width is limited to 8, but height can go to Valhala.

Why do you need this Custom Container Sizes Mod?

When you progress further in the game, you will find it harder to work with your inventory space. Players want to store as many resources and items as possible after collecting them, but there is not much space.
Installing this Custom Container Sizes mod, you will be able to increase the inventory space in Valheim. It’s always helpful to store extra important items in the game because you might need them later. As you have exactly what you need when you need it, you will increase your chance of overcoming the challenges.
It’s time to upgrade your gaming experience to a new level with this useful mod. Take advantage of this Custom Container Sizes mod for Valheim and enjoy your spacious inventories!

How can you install the Custom Container Sizes mod for Valheim?

Similar to installing any other mods for this interesting game, you can choose to install the Custom Container Sizes mod in two different ways. 

Firstly, installing the mod by using Vortex, the Nexus Mods mod manager. It is considered as the most simple way as it covers all dependencies.

Secondly, installing this mod manually. You need to install BepInEx first and then place the dll file in the BepInEx/plugins folder. 

Download Custom Container Sizes mod for Valheim

Credit: aedenthorn

Version: 0.5.2


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