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CropReplant Mod


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CropReplant: Vaheim modders need it

 If you want to develop a thriving Viking world in Valheim, besides building, planting is no doubt a crucial part. A Valheim mod that can help to plant much easier is CropReplant.

What is CropReplant mod?

Mods are increasingly becoming important factors contributing to game experiences. Some prefer playing the original version of the game while others, well actually most players, love to play with different mods. Whatever it is, we play to relax and try new things that most gamers want to do. For that reason, although game developers do not officially support Valheim mods, they are loved by most gamers.

CropReplant Mod

There are many different types of mods, depending on the imagination and skills of mod makers. Many mods are designed for real effects, and others are made to increase strength and skills, while many others are developed to increase the quality of life (of course, in the game only).
CropReplant mod is one of the most popular QoL mods (Quality of Life mods). CropReplant mod is a pack of resources that makes it easier to improve the overall playability of Valheim without taking away from the vanilla experience. Although CropReplant is just a tiny QoL mod, it contributes considerably to the building of your Viking kingdom. And because it is a Quality of Life mod, it seems not to be considered seriously as other mods that increase strength or collect weapons.

Playing experiences with the CropReplant mod.

As it is called, CropReplant, the main function of the 11 mod is to replant. When harvesting your crops, if you have the cultivator need and the required seeds, the crop will be automatically replanted. That’s it. The CropReplant mod’s function is effortless, but it can help you much more than you think. Instead of spending time planting seeds in your field, with this CropReplant mod, there is no need to do so. Everything will run automatically right when you harvest your crops. The time saved thanks to the CropReplant mod can be used to collect things like tools, weapons, build strong bases, or seek ways to increase health and stamina,…

Replant the crop automatically after harvesting.
Replant the crop automatically after harvesting.

Before using the mod to replant your crop, of course, you need a farm first. Farm in Valheim, then replant crop with CropReplant mod. This is how you will do. Some types of plants in the Valheim Viking world include carrots, turnips, barley, and flax. The first vegetable you will find in the game is carrots, which are often found in the black forest. Using a cultivator tool to make cultivated land, you can plant the collected carrot seeds into the ground.
After three days, they will become full-grown carrots. When you harvest carrots, each of them will give you three seeds. Every time you plant a seed, you get one carrot, but you will get three seeds every time you plant a carrot. So you can effectively triple the amount that you get. With the introduction of the CropReplant mod, you can multiply the number of seeds you have automatically, which is so amazing. Now you have an idea about how incredible the CropReplant mod is. Turnips, barley, and flax are similar, too.
CropReplant mod maybe not a major one that can completely affect playing experiences, but no one can deny the stunning feature it adds to the original Valheim game.

How do you install CropReplant Mod ?

First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.

To install manually, place the CropReplant.dll file in the BepInEx/plugins folder. You will need BepInEx.


  1. Go to ValheimBepInExconfig
  2. Open com.github.johndowson.CropReplant.cfg in your text editor of choice
  3. Adjust replant radius to your liking or disable it entirely
  4. Optionally choose your own hotkey

Download CropReplant Mod for Valheim

Credit: JD

Version 2.1.1

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