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Creature Level and Loot Control Mod


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Creature level and loot: what is new for your game?

Many mods were uploaded on the system to support the players in Vaheilm. Creature level and loot is one of these useful mods. Let us show you about this mod.

Vaheilm is an interesting immersive game. Many people all over the world have enjoyed this game with excitement and try all the methods to make this game more wonderful. Many mods are created to support the players in Vaheilm. Our below article shows you about one of those mods – the creature level and loot control. You will learn about this mod in the game to have a more interesting one for you.

What are the creature level and loot mod in Vaheilm?

This mod is created by an account named Blaxxun. The players can start this mod for their Vaheilm from 14 March 2021. And many of them confirmed that they feel comfortable and have fun with this mod.

Creature level and loot control is an useful mod for players
Creature level and loot control is an useful mod for players

Creature level and loot control are just helping players to control their creature level and loots that they got in the game. It seems this mod is simple and not so important, right? But it is not right. Controlling and keeping loot as well as creature level is very meaningful for any players if they want to continue surviving in the Viking empire.

New features you can find in the Creature level and loot control? 

Many new and useful features are integrated into this mod. Firstly, you have various options that allow you to adjust the combat difficulty as well as rewards.

About loot control

With this mod, each creature level can’t have additional loot. And you can adjust the number of dropped items, too. Even you can set a multiplier for such items. In case you would like to do, the mod also allows you to let your enemies drop more trophies. It is the same for the bosses. Bosses can drop more and more loot or trophies if you let them do it. 

Creature Level and Loot Control Mod

About the creature control

There are so many new features that you can find in the Creature level and loot control. You can see something new related to the configuration and the color of the creature as well. Below is the list of new features when it comes to this mod. 

Many new features to use for your game with Creature level and loot control.

  • You can adjust or disable it in case you like to do it thanks for the highly configurable
  • The number of stars that are spawned by creatures can be up to 5. Even creatures that can not level up and bosses as well spawn stars. You can adjust the number of stars that bosses spawn regarding your wishes.
  • The size of creatures and their level is adjustable in multiple ways. Moreover, animals of colors are different, too. Each creature can have its own star’s color. 
  • This mod also offers some effects for your creatures.
  • If you join a multiplayer game, you can adjust the damage and health gain per player if you would like to do this.
  • In case you kill a lot of creatures successfully just in a small area and in the shortest time, you have a chance to get the bonus level. 
  • You even have the right to let camps and dungeons respawn!

Many other new features are provided to you when you apply the Creature level and loot mod for your game in Vaheilm. If you have experimented with this mod, we hope you would feel free to share it with other players and us.

Creature star colors
Creatures can spawn with differently colored stars, if you want to. Each color tweaks the creature in a different way:
Magenta – Quick – Moves faster
40% increased movement speed
Red – Aggressive – Tries to hit you more often
Interval between two attack waves and circle time reduced by 50%, interval between circles increased by 150%
Green – Regenerating – Regenerates health over time
BaseHeal = Health at 0 stars * (1 + 0.25 * stars), Healing = BaseHeal * (10 * log(max(10, BaseHeal – 1000)) / (BaseHeal + 1000)) * 1.2 / second
Cyan – Curious – Comes checking for you from a farther distance
Hear and view range increased by 100%
White – Splitting – Splits in two lower level enemies with the same color upon death
Example: A 4 star Greydwarf will split into two 2 star Greydwarfs on death
Blue – Armored – Takes less damage, but moves slower
66% less damage taken, 50% reduced movement speed

Creature elemental infusions
Creatures can spawn with different elemental infusions, if you want to. Each infusion adds elemental effects to the creature:
Fire-Infused – Resistant to fire damage and vulnerable to frost damage. Ignites you on hit.
Frost-Infused – Resistant to frost damage and vulnerable to fire damage. Freezes you on hit.
Lightning-Infused – Resistant to lightning damage and vulnerable to spirit damage. Deals lightning damage.
Spirit-Infused – Resistant to spirit damage and vulnerable to lightning damage. Heals itself on hits.
Poison-Infused – Immune to poison damage. Explodes in a poison cloud on death.
Chaos-Infused – One of the other infusions, randomly selected on each hit.

You can set a minimum and maximum level for bosses as well, if you want your bosses to spawn with up to five stars.
There is also the option to let your bosses spawn with different affixes, making them even more difficult to kill:
Reflective – Dealing direct damage to the boss will deal damage to you as well
Shielded – Takes 50% reduced damage from arrows
Mending – Regenerates health over time more quickly
Summoner – Summons strong creatures every 20% of maximum health lost
Elementalist – Deals 20% increased elemental damage
Enraged – Deals 30% increased physical damage
Twin – Spawns a second boss. The boss and its twin boss have 25% less health and damage and have shared health.

For loot, you can set a chance for additional loot with each creature level and set a multiplier for all dropped items as well. You can even let enemies drop multiple trophies, if you like. You can also let bosses drop more loot or multiple trophies.

For multiplayer, everyone in your group should have this mod, preferably with the same settings (you can install the mod on the server, to make this happen, see the hints below). Otherwise, the client controlling the spawn will be responsible for the level of the enemies. Also, you need this mod to see the actual level of the creatures or all enemies above 2 stars will just show up without any stars.
Or don’t tell your friends about this mod, spawn some 5 stars Lox and tell them to parry them, while you are shooting from a safe distance using your bow. Watch them die and then laugh uncontrollably like the psychopath you are.
The mod has an option to adjust the HP and DMG increase for creatures per player in multiplayer.

And be mindful with the settings. If you spawn an entire Fuling village with 5 stars Fulings, changing the settings or disabling the mod will not revert their level.

How to use this mod
Vortex user

If you are using the latest version of Vortex, you probably have BepInEx and the BepInEx Configuration Manager installed already as these are included in the Vortex app.
Simply hit the Vortex button at the top of the page to install the mod, start up the game and press F1 to change the configuration of the mod.

Synchronizing a configuration on a multiplayer server
You can install the mod on the server just like you would install it on the client as well (requires BepInEx on the server as well). If you do that, the server will automatically synchronize all settings, including the YAML configuration between all clients. There are two different modes that you can use:

Locked Config – Once you’ve started up the server with the mod installed, you will find a setting at the top of the configuration file, which looks like this:
[1 - General]

## The configuration is locked and may not be changed by clients. Only active on servers.
# Setting type: Toggle
# Default value: Off
# Acceptable values: Off, On
Lock Configuration = Off

If you set this setting to ‘On’, the configuration will be locked and cannot be changed by clients. Opening the BepInEx Configuration Manager will display the servers configuration, but clients will be unable to change the configuration.

Unlocked Config – If you leave the setting mentioned above set to ‘Off’, clients can open the BepInEx Configuration Manager to change the configuration. Changing the settings there will synchronize the changes to all clients connected to the server immediately and update the configuration file on the server as well.

Both modes will not change the configuration file on your computer and your own configuration will be used, if you connect to a server that doesn’t synchronize the configuration.

I accidentally spawned a level 5000 creature / boss! What now?
If you have attached ‘-console’ as a launch parameter for Valheim, you can open the console by hitting F5 in the game. The following commands can be used, to remove accidentally spawned creatures:
cllc killall
Removes all creatures in the area.
cllc killhighlevel
Removes all creatures with at least 6 stars from the area. You can pass a number there, to increase the level:
cllc killhighlevel 10
Removes all creatures that are at least level 10.

Example yaml configuration file
File name: CreatureConfig.yml
# Example yaml file. Feel free to customize this. Everything that is not defined in this file will use the configuration file instead.

# Define your own groups here and assign creatures to your groups. There are default groups for all biomes, which do not have to be created by you, unless you want to assign different creatures to it.
# Special groups: all, creature, boss
    My Plains Group:
        - Deathsquito
        - Fuling Berserker
        - Lox
    My Bosses:
        - The Elder
        - Moder

# Set the level up chances for each of your groups here. Start with world level 0 and define the different chances in percent from left to right, starting with 1 star.
# This will set the level up chances for the Meadows biome und will also disable the Armored effect and the Chaos infusion until you reach world level 2 in this biome.
        0: [10, 2]
        1: [15, 5, 1]
        2: [18, 8, 2, 0.3]
        3: [22, 10, 3, 0.5, 0.3]
        4: [25, 12, 5, 1, 0.5]
        5: [30, 15, 8, 3, 1]
        Armored: 0
            Chaos: 0
            Chaos: 0
            Chaos: default

# Overrides the level chances in Black Forest, to make them more likely to spawn with stars than in Meadows.
Black Forest:
        0: [12, 2]
        1: [17, 5, 1]
        2: [20, 8, 2, 0.3]
        3: [24, 10, 3, 0.5, 0.3]
        4: [27, 12, 5, 1, 0.5]
        5: [32, 15, 8, 3, 1]

# You can use the 'default' key word to use the configuration from the configuration file for a specific setting. This will use the default configuration for world level 0, but set a custom level up chance for world level 1.
        0: default
        1: [15, 3, 2]

# This will make the Poison infusion more likely in the Swamp biome, the higher your world level and the higher the creatures level.
            Poison: [5, 10, 15, 20, 25]
            Poison: [10, 15, 20, 25, 30]
            Poison: [15, 20, 25, 30, 35]
            Poison: [20, 25, 30, 35, 40]
            Poison: [25, 30, 35, 40, 45]
            Poison: [30, 35, 40, 45, 50]

# You can use your own groups just like you can use the default groups. This will limit the level for the strong creatures that I assigned to the 'My Plais Group' at the top.
My Plains Group:
        0: [10, 1]
        1: [11, 2]
        2: [15, 3]

# You can also set a specific configuration for one creature or boss only. This will limit the level for the serpent and prevent it from spawning with the Armored or Quick effect.
        0: [30]
        1: [30, 10]
        2: [30, 10, 5]
        Armored: 0
        Quick: 0

# This will prevent Deers from having their size increased per level and will double the loot you get from Deers with at least 2 stars, until you reach world level 1.
    size: 0
        0: [1, 2]
        1: default

# You can use 'movement speed' to adjust the base movement speed for creatures. This will slow down Deathsquitos a little bit.
    movement speed: 0.9

# This will prevent Eikthyr from spawning with the mending affix, if it has more than 1 star, if the world level is still 0, but enables the Mending affix for higher level Eikthyr, if the world level is at least 1. For higher stars, the last value will always be used.
            Mending: [10, 0]
            Mending: [10]

# You can use the 'health per star' and 'damage per star' keywords to adjust the health and damage a creature or boss gains per star. This will decrease the health and damage gained per star for Bonemass.
    health per star: 0.2
    damage per star: 0.09

Fun Features:

  • Run away from giant Fuling Berserkers.
  • Get killed instantly by Deathsquitos with 5 stars.
  • Encounter 5 stars Serpents and curse the game, because the wind is against you and doesn’t let you flee.
  • Tame giant 30 stars Wolves and feed them Lox instead of meat!
  • And so much more!
  • (If you are only reading this list for some reason: Yes, you can use this mod to make the game A LOT easier.)

How do you install Creature Level and Loot Control Mod?

  1. First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.
  2. Download this mod and move the `.dll` into `<GameLocation>BepInExplugins`
  3. Run the game.

Download Creature Level and Loot Control Mod for Valheim

Credit: Blaxxun

Version: 3.8.5


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