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Cooking for Blockheads Mod 1.7.10 -> 1.16.5


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In many modpacks , food management can become a big issue. Indeed, the game will penalize you if you do not eat enough variety (meats, fruits, vegetables, cereals, or dairy products). But the task seems complicated with all the food that mods like Pam’s HarvestCraft have to offer. That’s when Cooking for Blockheads can help.

Mod presentation

This mod is easy to learn since it only has a few blocks and items. It is based on a recipe book which is also used to create a work plan.

In addition, the kitchen is a multiblock structure which consists of:

  • A fridge: to store food
  • Cupboards: similar to a fridge
  • An oven: for cooking food
  • A jar of milk: for recipes requiring milk
  • A sink: which has the same functions as a vanilla Minecraft cauldron but which has the particularity of being an infinite source of water.
  • Shelves: for storing food
  • A tool holder: allows you to place the tools necessary for the preparation of dishes
  • A toaster

The work plan

The interface of the work plan looks like this

  • In orange, the list of ingredients present in the kitchen
  • In blue, the recipes that can be made with the available ingredients
  • In yellow, a bar to search for a specific recipe
  • In red, the filters according to the alphabetical order, hunger and saturation
  • In purple, the player’s inventory

With the foods that you have in the different compartments, the interface shows you the list of what you can conceive with the statistics of hunger and satiety. The more the dishes require great preparation, the higher these statistics are. Once a dish has been selected, preparation is automatic. Finally you just have to bend down to serve yourself.

To personalize your kitchen you can add a checkered floor. In addition, you can stain your kitchen furniture. To do this, you just have to right-click with the dye of your choice.


How to install a Minecraft mod?

Installation time of a Minecraft mod:  3 minutes.

Most mods require you to install Forge or Fabric to function properly. Forge and Fabric are, to put it simply, a platform that allows for easy installation and significant stability for mods.

  1. Download the mod you want to install

    You can download the mod you want to install from the site of your choice.

  2. Install the API needed to make the mod work

    Depending on the mod, you will need to install an API, the most common of which is Minecraft Forge .

  3. Select your API profile in the Minecraft launcher and launch the game

    When the API is installed, you need to launch Minecraft and select the API profile to upload the data to your game.

  4. Open your Mods folder

    To access the mods folder you have to go to the .minecraft folder. To access via Windows make Windows key + R and type % appdata%, then click the folder roaming and navigate to the folder .minecraft. On a Linux distribution , do ALT + F2 and type .minecraft. On Mac , your folder. minecraft can be found in User> Library> Application Support . If you can’t find Application Support , do Finder> Menu Bar: Go + Hold ALT> Library.

  5. Put your downloaded (mod) file in the Mods folder

    Just drag the mod file you downloaded into the Mods folder that is in .Minecraft.

  6. Run Minecraft and enjoy the mod!

    Launch Minecraft with the API profile and enjoy the new mod you just installed! Good game !

Download Cooking for Blockheads Mod 1.7.10 -> 1.16.5


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