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Clock Mod for Valheim


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Valheim has been an enjoyable game, but since its mods were released, it just got to a new level. Clock Mod is not a great mod that can help you change the whole situation in the game, but it is a beneficial mod. With Clock Mod’s features, players now can set schedules for things easily.

What is Clock Mod?

As you can tell from the title, this Clock Mod shows players the in-game time of day by adding a simple, configurable clock widget to the screen. Aedenthorn created this mod, and it is a handy mod that lets you know the time while you play the game. Thanks to the Clock Mod, you know when you should head back to base and avoid the cold and enemies late at night.

Players can set the time using the Clock Mod
Players can set the time using the Clock Mod

This Clock mod is simple to use in Valheim, yet it is extremely helpful. That’s why you should add this mod to the game. You can move the clock display to anywhere on the screen as you wish. In addition, the font and the name of time intervals can be customized. 

By default, the mod uses the Valheim font, but players can change it as you desire. You just need to open the BepInEx/config/aedenthorn.ClockMod.cfg in a text editing program and change the Value of ClockFontName. And don’t forget to save the changes when you complete. 

In addition, you can create custom times by creating values for fuzzy strings and then specifying the desired times. For instance, you could set 17:30:00-18:20:00 to “Sunset” and 18:20:01-20:00:00 as “Early Evening.”

The Clock Mod is not one of those mods that can change the game. However, it provides important information that allows players to set schedules for things better. If you use this mod, it will be easier to know when things complete smelting or fermenting. You also know exactly when to build shelter and a fire. Players have different ways to take advantage of this mod and improve in the game.

Features of this Clock Mod

It’s now easy to keep track of time in the game
It’s now easy to keep track of time in the game

Similar to other mods for Valheim, the Clock Mod also comes with interesting features. This mod allows players to:

  • Change the clock’s position on the screen.
  • Change the font name to use.
  • Change the font size of the clock text.
  • Change the color and transparency of the clock text
  • Toggle the clock display
  • Change the time format.
  • Drag the clock around the screen.
  • Customize the fuzzy strings

How to install this Clock Mod?

For those who have never installed any mod, you will need to install the BepInExPack Valheim pack. Then use the mod manager or manually install the Clock mod by putting the .dll into the Valhiem/BepInEx/plugins folder. After completing this process, you will see a clock displayed on your screen.

As you can see, it’s helpful to install this Clock Mod when you play Valheim. Don’t miss out on a good opportunity to keep track of time in the game and enhance your gaming experience.


  1. Bepinex Mod

Download Clock Mod for Valheim

Credit by aedenthorn | Version: 1.1.1

Version 1.1.1

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