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BuildShare (AdvancedBuilding) Mod


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BuildShare (AdvancedBuilding) – Valheim, information you should know

BuildShare (AdvancedBuilding) – Valheim is a version with a shared map system, advanced build mode added. Thereby, it will provide players with many interesting features as well as new experiences. This mod allows the player to change direction without having to destroy anything. Let’s find out what it will bring enjoyably.

SAVE and LOAD your constructions using the new file format, “.vbuild”. You can prebuild a construction to see how it render. Press undo if you build at bad position.
Use destroy to destroy your constructions in the radius. Press save, gave a name and a radius to save

BuildShare (AdvancedBuilding) Mod

Some information introduces BuildShare (AdvancedBuilding) – Valheim.

BuildShare in Valheim is a mod that has made a breakthrough compared to the previous versions when making countless changes to the game. Besides, it also can adjust everything from the weight value of the item to the speed and output of kilns, furnaces, and fermentation machines. It increases the total item stack size, also allows players to transport untreated metal through portals, and even speed up production.

What comes out of this mod is also aimed at making the game easier for players. Here the player can also change the item’s weight by percentage, increase the item stack size.

Interesting features when joining BuildShare (AdvancedBuilding) – Valheim.

A lot of new features have been added to the mod to give players more experience. There have been many interesting additional changes for Valheim in the mod. The most notable and also the most important is the advanced construction and editing mode. Even more especially for beginners, it will be easy to join when it is allowed to place items and construction pieces with surgical precision, vary the height, rotation, and even the angle of each. 

Lots of interesting features provided to players

Advanced editing mode is also one of the features that many people like in this mod. If you have placed something and want to move it, you don’t need to destroy it first. Instead, you can select and edit its location quite neatly.

In addition, BuildShare is also adding many other features for players. Thereby participants in the game can modify their weight values such as the time of the food, the rate of fermentation, and the output size. The function to adjust the maximum amount of coal or ore inside the Furnace and the rate and usage of coal has also been applied.
It will also help you eliminate item movement inhibitions from ore, reduce all items’ weight, and increase their stacking size.

One of the most loved features in this mod is a shared map system with a setting that respects the player’s map display settings. This feature provides hotkey options for the first leg and backward leg. It will also assist you in eliminating weather-induced Building Object degradation. Here, players will have a lot of new interesting experiences, bring many different things. Surely this will be a good version that you should not ignore.

If you are a person who has a passion for this game, this new mod is one of the choices that will not disappoint you. Through the new features added in this mod, players can find themselves the most interesting experience. I hope that the information shared about BuildShare (AdvancedBuilding) – Valheim will help you gain more useful knowledge.



How do you install BuildShare (AdvancedBuilding) Mod?

First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.

Download The BuildShare Mod and Extract Files
Drag and Drop it to InSlimVML/Mods
Click on BuildShare to open the GUI
Enter the build name and press “Build” to build it.

Download BuildShare (AdvancedBuilding) Mod for Valheim

Credit: CR and PJNinja – For Valheim Mods


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