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Build Camera mod in Valheim


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What is interesting to Build Camera mod in Valheim game?

The wide angle of view in the open world game Valheim will greatly aid your activities. You can see it easily, and the snapshot points will perform better. Build Camera mod will bring new things to you. 

Valheim offers many interesting experiences such as sustaining life based on items found after hunting in strange lands or crossing distant oceans to challenge new bosses. The game also brings relaxation moments as players slowly build bases and structures. The construction of snap points makes it easy to observe all around you. Especially avoid the attack of enemies or wild animals. Build Camera mod will help you to build more easily when there is more construction. We’ll share about it shortly!

What is a Valheim game?

Valheim is an ideal choice for those who love the adventure game genre in mysterious lands. It is one of the successful titles alongside other products from developer Coffee Stain Publishing, including Goat Simulator, Deep Rock Galactic, Satisfactory. 

In Valheim, players will be mighty Viking warriors. Those who have to fight many types of ancient monsters in the afterlife to prove their worthiness to the supreme god Odin to help them enter paradise. It is an open-world survival game that allows co-op up to 10 people but has a combination of mythological elements with a unique setting. That is why this game is hot at the moment. 

Besides, other basic activities such as cultivation, hunting… were also reproduced honestly and in detail. And it would be flawed without mentioning the Boss battle of the game. Each boss in the game is very challenging and requires players to have a clever approach and fight to be able to overcome.

Build Camera mod in the game Valheim

Building structures in the Valheim game is quite difficult. Part of the reason is that the player cannot have the overall view of the whole building. Build Camera mod was born that can overcome the shortcomings of the viewing angle. Players can get snapshot points when installing this mod. Your construction job will become easier. 

Adds a build camera to make building easier, to simplify getting the right perspective so that you can see the snap point. You no longer need to build scaffolding so that you can get above or to the side, below, . . . the pieces you’re trying to place. Simply float the build camera where you need to go to see the snap points. 

How to use Build Camera mod:

  • Equip your hammer
  • Go within build range of a build station (e. g. a workbench)
  • Press B (default – can be changed in config) to activate the build camera. 
  • The camera is now disconnected from your avatar. Look around and move as usual (e. g. using mouse and keyboard); use jump (Space) to go up and stealth (Control) to go down. Hold run (Shift) to move the camera faster. Gamepad users: left trigger and right trigger move the camera up and down. Right joystick turns the camera. Left joystick pans the camera left, right, forward, and backward. 
  • Build (left click) and choose items to build (right click) as usual. 

Some note:

  • This mod changes how far from a workstation you’re able to build to several times the game default
  • Deactivate build mode by unequipping the hammer or pressing B or R (the keybind for “hide” weapons). 
  • Also works with the hoe and the cultivator. 
  • The camera must stay within the build area, although the range is configurable with Camera_Range_Multiplier. 

Build Camera is a useful mod that helps you get quick snapshots, easier to observe and do construction. It is truly a useful mod. Above are our shares about Build Camera mod in the Valheim game. Hope it is useful to you!

How do you install Build Camera mod?

  1. First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.
  2. Download this mod and move the `.dll` into `<GameLocation>BepInExplugins`
  3. Run the game. Once loaded in a World, open the Console (F5) and enter the command locatemerchant

Download Build Camera mod for Valheim

Version: 1.5.1

Credit: gittywithexcitement


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