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BLACK OPS COLD WAR: CALL OF DUTY For CoD: Cold War Season 5, the ideal MAC-10 loadout


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One of the most potent SMGs in Cold War, the MAC-10 will be fantastic in Season 5 thanks to these attachments and Perks.

The MAC-10 became one of the fastest-killing weapons in the game as soon as it was introduced to Warzone and Black Ops Cold War in Season 1. This SMG can still be a contender in Season 5 with the correct attachments, loadout, and Perks.

Early in December 2020, the MAC-10 was added to the game, and it quickly became a need for every participant. Due to the weapon’s potency at close range, it actually became a mainstay of every Warzone loadout and is still in Warzone Season 5. Read more  mac 10 loadout

The MAC-10 can still be one of the greatest weapons in Black Ops Cold War with the appropriate class setup, and we have everything you need to construct the

Best MAC-10 loadout attachments from the Cold War

Muzzle: 9-Muzzle Brake, 6.5-Inch Rifled Barrel

Bruiser Grip: underbarrel

Speed tape’s handle

Tactical stock, stock

Although the MAC-10 is already deadly at close range, these additions will enable you to eliminate opponents from a greater distance. The 6.5′′ Rifled barrel will increase your damage range by 25%, while the Muzzle Brake 9 will improve accuracy. read more  mac 10 loadout

How to quickly rank up your weapons in Black Ops. Zombie Cold War

The Bruiser Grip will assist with recoil, and the Tactical Stock and Speed Tape will ensure that you move as swiftly as you can while looking down sights. Even though the MAC-10 is already a mobile weapon, these attachments will increase your speed.

Best benefits to utilize with the MAC-10 Cold War class

Perk 1: Flak jacket and tactical mask
Scavenger/Assassin Perk 2
Perk 3: Ninja/Ghost

Tactical Mask is the ideal perk to equip if you frequently find yourself running towards adversaries while utilizing the MAC-10 because it prevents enemies from slowing you down with flashbangs or stuns. Additionally, Flak Jacket will render you resistant to Semtex and those nasty Frags.


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