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Bigger Item Stack Mod


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The secret to help you store more items with the Bigger Item Stack

If you can get more gifts, you will want a larger container or more containers to hold more of your items. And the Bigger Item Stack was created by the developers to help you solve this problem!

Do you know?

With the Bigger Item Stack, many players have kept and collected many items for themselves. Installing Bigger Item Stack mod is quite simple. But to use it effectively is a big question that everyone wants to find the answer. Read our article to help you get to your destination faster!

With Bigger Item Stack you will store more items
With Bigger Item Stack you will store more items

What is Bigger Item Stack mod?

In short, this is a mod that helps players increase the maximum item stacks or change the weight for all items by activating the multiplier. With such a standout feature, a lot of players responded, “It’s great that something like this is created; it’s very fast and very effective for me. I can’t really stand while playing the game that has to be paused for reasons that are simulated, like inventory management just because I got too many items. I don’t mind having to pay attention to my inventory a bit, as it adds up immersion, but I don’t want to stop gathering resources after a few minutes because my bag is full and I’m overloaded. This mod has helped me with that. It’s awesome! “

Besides, how do you reduce the weight of an item is also a question that many players are interested in. The answer to this question is very simple. When you start the game with the mods, it will create a configuration file in the configuration directory. And the weight of items you have obtained will automatically reduce your burden during gameplay.

If you do not want to experience a little wrong when the items stack and it disappears, please pay attention to this important note. Be careful, and if you change the multiplier, the old items will be destroyed!

For example, you cannot have 100 logs if the maximum stack is 50, the stack will be reduced to 50!

How to install Bigger Item Stack?

First, you need to go to the website to download this mod. Then unzip the BepinEx zip where the game is installed, put BiggerItemStack.dll in the plugins folder, and do it!

Of course, you can then start the game and enjoy harvesting the loot!

It seems that Valheim has some trouble with the creation of large stack sizes being put into a multiplayer mode during the game. At this point, simply reducing the stack size slightly will fix the problem. For anyone experiencing a large lag, try reducing the stack size in the configuration. If not, the QoL mod stands out.
Above is all the important information you need to know about the secret to help you store more items with the bigger item stack. We hope this article was helpful to you, and don’t forget to follow us for more updates!

ATTENTION! Be carefully, if you change the multiplicator, the exedent items will be destroy!
For example, you can’t have 100 wood log if the max item stack is 50, the stack will be reduced to 50!

Download Bigger Item Stack Mod for Valheim

Credit: Sixefyle


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