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BetterUI Mod


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Everything you need to know about BetterUI mod

If you love playing Valheim, you should get this BetterUI mod. It comes with a few important changes that will make your Viking experience more bearable. This article will provide more information and features of this BetterUI mod.

What is BetterUI mod?

There are a variety of mods that you can install to this game. Each of them enhances your gaming experience in a different way. And BetterUI mod is one of the excellent mods that you can’t ignore. This mod was designed by Masa and it upgrades Valheim interface to a new level. Not only does this mod add character levels and an experience bar to track progress, but it also helps improve the item-level indicator.

Valheim has been an instant hit since it was released. If you haven’t played this game, you should try it out. If you are already a fan of this game, consider adding this BetterUI mod to enjoy a better interface which is easier to understand.

In this mod, every modification is already turned on by default. So if you don’t like any of them, you can toggle the option to turn it off. These modifications can be changed. You just need to open the config file to edit them.

Features of BetterUI mod

Before installing this mod, you need to understand its features, including:


  • It has a colorblind mode
  • Allows you to track character level
  • Character stats are displayed on character selection
  • You can hover over players armor icon to see character stats


  • It comes with colored durability bars
  • Item levels are shown as stars
  • You can scale item icon
  • It has customized tooltips


  • Enemy level are shown in text, stars, or both
  • It shows enemy HP amount (includes bosses)
  • There is an Aware / Angry status colored on enemy name
  • Custom render distance


This feature shows fermenting time left and completion percentage.


This feature shows you the growing time left and grow percentage.

This mod has interesting features to enhance your gaming experience

Cooking Station

From here, players will see cook time left and cook percentage. At the same time, it comes along with red text, displaying how long until it’s burned to coal.


This feature lets you know how many slots are taken as well as how many percentages of slots are taken.


It allows you to scale map icons, especially useful for the 4k monitor.


It shows customized skills UI, the percentage gained of a skill as well as skill experience gained in the top left corner.


This feature shows what stats are increasing when you upgrade an item.

How to install BetterUI mod?

If you are interested in this mod, you need to download it first. Then extract the downloaded file into a new folder, move the BetterUI.dll into Bepinexplugins and run the game.

It’s time to enjoy a better gaming experience by installing this mod. More importantly, when you use this mod, other players won’t have any issues if they do not have the mod. This is an additional benefit.

Valheim is an interesting game that allows you to explore and inhabit mystical lands, battle with creatures of legend and hunt wildlife. Adding this BetterUI mod, you will enjoy the game’s interface better. What are you waiting for?


  1. This mod is client-sided.   
  2. It will work just fine if the server does not have it.  
  3. If you are using this mod, it will not cause issues to other players who do not have the mod.


  1. Bepinex Mod

Download BetterUI Mod for Valheim

Version 1.6.4
Download BetterUI Mod 1.6.4 (Downloads: 6015)

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