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Better Trader Mod for Valheim


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More items to trade with the Better Trader mod for Valheim

If your trader menu is empty, it’s time to upgrade it with more items. Install the Better Trader mod; you will be able to add, remove and set prices of any items you like.

Are you tired of having limited options to trade in Valheim?

Then you have come to the right place! The Better Trader mod helps your trader become a much better trader in this game. Read on to find out what is interesting about this mod.

What is Better Trader mod?

As a fan of this game, you know that there are only 6 items to buy for Vanilla Valheim’s trader. That makes the game less exciting as gamers want to buy new items to overcome the challenge. With this mod, you will experience a completely new trader menu with more than 310+ items.

Add more items to the trader menu with the Better Trader mod
Add more items to the trader menu with the Better Trader mod

This Better Trader mod allows players to buy and sell more interesting stuff. It also works with EpicLoot, so you might as well want to install it. In addition, this mod adds more items to the trader menu, but it also allows you to add and remove items the way you want. Besides, the player can change their stacks and prices.

Features of Better Trader mod

Configuration options

The Better Trader mod has three configuration options that players can choose, including:

Option 1: 

You need to open item_defaults.cfg in the BepInExpluginsBetterTrader. Then you can add or remove any items and set their default values.

Option 2: 

You need to open Menthus.bepinex.plugins.BetterTrader.cfg in ValheimBepInExconfig. Then you can make modifications to existing items, including items you put into BetterTrader’s item_defaults.

Option 3: 

You need to download the BepInEx ConfigurationManager plugin and then put it in your ValheimBepInExplugins folder. Then you need to press F1 when in-game.


As you want to add more items to your trader menu, you need this Better Trader mod. And it’s easy to install this mod. All you need is the BepInExPack. After installing, you just need to move the BetterTrader folder into the ValheimBepInExplugins folder.

Better Trader versions

There are a few versions of Better Trader for gamers
There are a few versions of Better Trader for gamers

Over the years, a few versions of Better Trader mod have brought a lot of fun to players. The very first versions come with simple functions. For example, when the Better Trader 1.1.0 was released, it only allowed you to add or remove the trader items. BY DEFAULT, the BT 1.2.0 added EpicLoot items, but players need to set stack and price values following the instructions.

There were four more options added to the BT 1.3.0, including the “Wait For Discovery” option, “Trader Price Fluctuation” option, “Trader Price Fluctuation Range” option, and “Trader Price Fluctuation Frequency” option.

The BT 1.5.0 helped you avoid restarting the game when the trader’s inventory refreshed. It also added a first pass at the new trader menu, a few more items and the ability to sell all items.

The BT 1.5.1 came with potential fixes for UI position bugs and some missing items such as Ruby, Amber, and AmberPearl. Last but not least, the newest version Better Trader 1.6.0 added the “Sellable”, “IgnoreWaitForDiscovery” option, and more. These new options have helped improve your gaming experience with Valheim to a new level. As you can see, the Better Trader mod for Valheim is useful. If you want to enjoy a more awesome trader, you can’t miss out on this mod!

How do you install Better Trader Mod?

  1. First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.
  2. To install manually, then place the BetterTrader folder into the ValheimBepInExplugins folder.

Download Better Trader Mod for Valheim

Credit: Menthus

Version: 1.6.0


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