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Better Foliage Mod 1.7.10 -> 1.16.5


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Do you find your game a little bland, and are you looking for a way to make it more lively? Want to have a more realistic gaming experience? Either way, this mod is sure to satisfy you. The successor of Better Grass and Leaves, it will make your worlds impressive and grandiose!

Better Foliage is a mod of Octarine_Noise, available from version 1.7.10 to version 1.14.4 and 1.15.2 / 1.16.5 of Minecraft. Java 8 is required to run the mod from version 2.0.


Better Foliage adds many details to make Minecraft more alive by modifying the grass, the Foliage, or the logs and adding various animations like the falling leaves. It is advisable to use ShadersPacks with this mod for even more realism; the two complement each other very well!

Some resource packs such as PureBDCraft, DokuCraft, or PixelPerfection are compatible with the mod.

All effects are configurable! Just press your F8 key (the key can be changed), and you can turn any feature on or off, as well as adjust a whole bunch of settings!


Shaders Mod Interaction

  • Better Foliage brings an important change to users of Shaders Mod. Wind effects that are commonly seen in shaders (for leaves, grass, wheat, etc.) will be applied to ALL blocks of a similar type. That means wind will “just work” for modded blocks, without having to edit your shader program.
  • By default, this also applies to double-height plants. If the disconnection between the top and bottom parts annoys you, you can turn it off.

Extra Leaves

  • Adds extra bits of leaves to leaf blocks at 45° angles. This will break up the rectangular outline, and make leaves look more dense and fluffy.
  • The list of blocks that are considered to be leaves is configurable.
  • The textures used by the round bits are generated by Better Foliage. That means all resource packs are supported automatically.

Short Grass & Mycelium

  • Adds grass bits on top of grass blocks similar to Long Grass (the block). Makes meadows and forest floors look much more alive.
  • The list of blocks that are considered to be grass is configurable.
  • The textures used can also be generated by Better Foliage. This will help you achieve a consistent look even when using resource packs without Better Foliage support.
  • Works the same way with Mycelium blocks, but with a different texture.

Round Logs

  • Makes wooden logs rounder (into octagons) by chamfering off the corners. This feature is highly experimental at the moment, and graphical glitches can occur.
  • Parallel logs in a 2×2 configuration will connect together, and the chamfer radius will be different. This can be turned off in the config.

Better Cactus

  • Adds a central rounded core to cactus blocks, plus smaller cactus arms sticking out the sides.

Better Lilypads

  • Adds roots sticking into the water for lilypads, plus the occasional flower on top.


  • Adds reeds on top of dirt blocks in shallow water. Makes rivers, lakes and coastlines look more interesting.
  • The list of blocks that are considered to be dirt is configurable.
  • The list of biomes reeds are allowed to appear in is also configurable. By default, it will appear everywhere except cold or arid biomes.
  • If you have Shaders Mod, reeds can also be set to wave in the wind.


  • Adds algae on top of dirt blocks in deep water. Makes underwater scenery look more interesting.
  • The list of blocks that are considered to be dirt is configurable.
  • The list of biomes algae is allowed to appear in is also configurable. By default, it will appear in river- and ocean-type biomes.


  • Adds coral on sand blocks in deep water. Makes underwater scenery look more interesting.
  • The list of biomes coral is allowed to appear in is also configurable. By default, it will appear in river-, beach- and ocean-type biomes.

Netherrack Vines

  • Adds hanging vines to the bottom of netherrack. Gives the Nether a more dungeon-y feel.

Falling Leaves

  • Adds leaf particles that fall from the bottom of leaf blocks. Falling leaves will tumble slowly down, and react to the wind. The wind will occasionally change direction, and blow faster during storms.
  • The list of blocks that are considered to be leaves is configurable.
  • The amount of particles is configurable (the amount in the screenshot is exaggerated).

Rising Souls

  • Adds soul particles spawning from Soul Sand, rising upwards in a corkscrew motion.
  • The amount of particles is configurable.

Connected Grass Textures

  • Draws the sides of grass blocks with the top texture under certain conditions. Not available in 1.8 yet.
  • Classic mode works similarly as the connected grass feature in Optifine.
  • Aggressive mode will draw the whole block with the top texture, and draw the dirt block underneath as grass.

Block Types

  • Better Foliage has a configurable way to identify interesting blocks (grass, leaves, etc.) you can find in the configuration GUI. It works by matching the Java class name of the block againt a blacklist/whitelist pair. This is how support for modded blocks is added.

How to install a Minecraft mod?

Installation time of a Minecraft mod:  3 minutes.

Most mods require you to install Forge or Fabric to function properly. Forge and Fabric are, to put it simply, a platform that allows for easy installation and significant stability for mods.

  1. Download the mod you want to install

    You can download the mod you want to install from the site of your choice.

  2. Install the API needed to make the mod work

    Depending on the mod, you will need to install an API, the most common of which is Minecraft Forge .

  3. Select your API profile in the Minecraft launcher and launch the game

    When the API is installed, you need to launch Minecraft and select the API profile to upload the data to your game.

  4. Open your Mods folder

    To access the mods folder you have to go to the .minecraft folder. To access via Windows make Windows key + R and type % appdata%, then click the folder roaming and navigate to the folder .minecraft. On a Linux distribution , do ALT + F2 and type .minecraft. On Mac , your folder. minecraft can be found in User> Library> Application Support . If you can’t find Application Support , do Finder> Menu Bar: Go + Hold ALT> Library.

  5. Put your downloaded (mod) file in the Mods folder

    Just drag the mod file you downloaded into the Mods folder that is in .Minecraft.

  6. Run Minecraft and enjoy the mod!

    Launch Minecraft with the API profile and enjoy the new mod you just installed! Good game !

Download Better Foliage Mod 1.7.10 -> 1.16.5


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