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Better Archery mod


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Change your bow gameplay with Better Archery mod

In Valheim, using a bow is important because you must fight with enemies, monsters. With Better Archery mod, your character in the game can be the best archers.

When your characters are in Valheim and fight with enemies, monsters, they need to have weapons. Bow and arrow are the most necessary weapons. However, you have good bow and arrows but your skill to use them is not good; it means you can’t defeat your enemies.

How to improve this skill?

Better Archery mod is what you are finding.

What is the Better Archery mod for the Valheim game?

This mod offers the players many valuable features and changes for you to improve the bow gameplay when you are in Valheim. When you install this mod, you receive a new quiver system. Your arrows can be retrievable. And when you find and shoot enemies, the arrows aim better. This mod was created by Ishid4 and uploaded for the first time on 7 March 2021.

Improve your bow gameplay with Better Archery mod
Improve your bow gameplay with Better Archery mod

But how to install and use this mod? Before you install Better Archery mod, please check if you have BepInEx or not. If you don’t have this, install it then drop Better Archery mod in BepInEx folder. 

After installing this mod, a config file named “ishid4.mods.betterarchery.cfg”will be create and then located in “ValheimBepInExconfig”. The recipes can be changed if you edit the “BetterArcheryRecipes.json”file which is located in”ValheimBepInExpluginsBetterArchery”  named “BetterArcheryRecipes.json”.

The amazing features you get from Better Archery mod

There are many features for players to use and get the best results while you shoot archery. 

The first thing is the leather quiver. This is a special quiver made of 20 leather scraps. Players have more than 3 extra arrow slots. Besides that, you can change your arrows by pressing Alt +1,2,3. 

You also use your bow more easily when you zoom in/out the bow by holding the Right Mouse button or draw the bow with “Bow auto zoom”. This feature zooms the bow automatically. 

Percent of change for arrows to drop another arrow after hit is different from the type of arrow. If they are wooden arrows, the percent is 20%. In case they are bronze arrows, the percent is 50%… And with Better Archery, these arrows after hit can be retrievable and reused.

Arrows are retrievable with Better Archery
Arrows are retrievable with Better Archery

Better Archery mods also allow players to use crosshair properly. It is very easy to enable or disable your crosshair. Players are allowed to adjust the arrow’s gravity and velocity. However, this feature is still under test to aim for the best result. Wooden and elemental arrows are added to the menu, too. Another feature that needs to be mentioned is the movement speed when you draw a bow. Better Archery made this speed reduced.

However, when they install and use this mod, they get problems as feedback from some players. For example, if the config still enables the quiver, you have difficulty learning new recipes. Some of them can not unlock the Charcoal Kiln, forge & copper ingot…If they want to unlock it, they have to remove Better Archery mod. After unlocking successfully, they install the mod again. It takes so much time. So, they advise enjoying this mod without the quiver.
Would you like to try the Better Archery mod for your Valheim game?

Try it and send us your feedback and share other players’ problems that you get. I hope that the developer will fix it soon.

>>–>     CORE FEATURES                                        <–<<

  • Quiver (Charlie)
  • Retrievable arrows
  • Zooming while drawing the bow
  • Aim improvements
  • Arrow physics improvements

>>–>     QUIVER                                                      <–<< Enable/Disable in the config file

  • Currently, the mod has 1 quiver type. That quiver type is the leather quiver which has a special model for itself. 
  • The leather quiver can be crafted with 20 leather scraps, 10 deer hides, and 10 troll hides.
  • Equipping the leather quiver gives 3 extra arrow slots to the player and arrows can be changed with hotkeys (default alt + 1,2,3).

>>–>     BOW ZOOM                                               <–<< Enable/Disable in the config file

  • You can zoom in by holding the “Right Mouse Button” (default) while drawing the bow.
  • or, you can enable “Bow Auto Zoom” if you want to zoom automatically while bow drawing. (Disabled by default)
  • Added configurable bow drawing cancel key. The default is “E”.
  • When the bow drawing release, if you are still holding the zoom key, you can stay in zoom for x seconds. (default is 1 sec, configurable)
  • Added breath-in and out effects for zooming.

>>–>     RETRIEVABLE ARROWS                         <–<< Enable/Disable in the config file

  • You can retrieve your arrows back! but of course, with a chance. You can change the chances and the arrow types in the config file.
  • Pick up the arrows with the interact key.


  • Wooden arrows have a 20% chance to drop a wooden arrow after hit.
  • Flint arrows have a 30% chance to drop a flint arrow after hit.
  • Bronze arrows have a 50% chance to drop a bronze arrow after hit.
  • Iron arrows have a 70% chance to drop an iron arrow after hit.
  • Obsidian arrows have a 70% chance to drop an obsidian arrow after hit.
  • Needle arrows have a 10% chance to drop a needle arrow after hit because of the logic of bees.
  • Fire arrows have a 0% chance to drop anything after hit. It got fired.
  • Poison arrows have a 70% chance to drop an obsidian arrow after hit.
  • Silver arrows have a 50% chance to drop a silver arrow after hit.
  • Frost arrows have a 70% chance to drop an obsidian arrow after hit.

>>–>     ARCHER IMPROVEMENTS                     <–<< Enable/Disable in the config file

  • Now, you can use your crosshair properly. Arrows now go your crosshair, not under of it. And, of course, has a similar gravity arc as vanilla.
  • Arrow gravity and velocity adjusted for more realistic physics. (Still testing out for the perfect result.)
  • Added wooden arrow, elemental arrows to the crafting menu. You can change as you want in “BetterArcheryRecipes.json”.
  • You can now see your sneak damage on the top left. Just like in Skyrim!
  • You can enable/disable crosshair.
  • Movement speed reduction while bow drawing. (configurable)

>>–>     COMPATIBILITY                                        <–<<

The following mods are compatible:

>>–>     TODO                                        <–<<

  • Fix conflict issues.
  • Making the game’s archery similar to Skyrim!
  • Quiver back attachment.
  • New quiver types.
  • New arrow types.
  • Arrow damage overhaul.
  • Bow drawing while sneaking.

How do you install Better Archery Mod?

First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.

Drop the mod’s “BetterArchery” folder in your BepInEx/plugins folder.

First game launch after installing the mod will create config file located in “ValheimBepInExconfig” named “ishid4.mods.betterarchery.cfg”.
Also, you can change recipes by editing the .json file which should be located in “ValheimBepInExpluginsBetterArchery” named “BetterArcheryRecipes.json”.

Download Better Archery Mod for Valheim

>>–> CREDITS & THANKS <–<<


Version 1.6.1

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