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AnyPortal Valheim Mod


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AnyPortal Valheim mod: what you can expect

Among many Valheim mods with incredible functions, AnyPortal stands as of the most amazing mods as voted by Valheim modders. Let’s find out how unique this mod is.

Introduce to AnyPortal mod and its main function

The process of technology development has turned everything into a better version of itself. And thanks to that process, we have many more amazing games with a wide range of mods. The Viking game Valheim itself is blowing up on Steam. The survival game has been introduced on February 2, 2021, but soon steal the hearts of game lovers. The evidence is that it has been ranked first in the list of best sellers.

AnyPortal mod for transportation.
Since the Valheim game is self is a big bang to the game world, Valheim mods also receive much attention from gamers. More and more mods are being introduced, which promise to make your Viking warrior’s life more thrilling and interesting. A must-mention mod is AnyPortal. The AnyPortal mod is described as the one allowing users to transport between different portals, which is exactly what it is called. The AnyPortal mod disables tag-based portal pairing, providing a drop-down box for you. Thus, you will be able to choose which destination portal you wish to connect to.

Better Valheim experiences with AnyPortal mod

AnyPortal mod allows users to identify a destination on the map
AnyPortal mod allows users to identify a destination on the map

Installing the AnyPortal mod and you are qualified to select the destination. While interacting with a portal, there will be a new dropdown under the tag input text box. If you want to transport to any other destination, click on the dropdown and select your desired one. The tag name of the destination portals and the distances from the player will be included in the list elements so for gamers to track the destination and distance more easily. After choosing the destination you wish to move to, click on the button “OK” and you will be there automatically.

The AnyPortal mod also has a “show destination on map” feature. This is in the case you do not recognize a portal listed in the dropdown (especially when you are a newbie), all you have to do is to select the destination and click the “Map” button, wait for a few seconds for it to link to the new destination. Now that you know where the chosen destination is on the map.

AnyPortal Valheim mod seems to be much more useful when it comes to transport heavy materials over long distances. The portal system, in many cases, is Valheim’s version of quick traveling. Because the portal is connected to another portal globally, valheim modders can now travel across any distance nearly immediately. This is undoubtedly an ideal feature for transporting unique materials to each biome, for instance, startling cores, wolf pelts, and ancient bark.
However, the AnyPortal valheim mod does not work with every material. Some materials, such as ores, requires direct transportation instead of moving via the portal system. Players now have to use manual labor to move the heavy and precious ores back to their bases. Maybe you can try to create multiple specialized bases connected by a network of portals. It is a good idea to build a place for the crafting process before crossing a portal.

AnyPortal mod is no longer strange to Valheim lovers. Taking advantage of this mod will help modders to save much time, labor and strength when it comes to movement and transportation.


  1. AnyPortal works in multiplayer! Just be sure to install the mod on your Valheim server as well.
  2. If the mod isn’t running on the server, you’ll notice the following symptoms:
  3. After selecting a portal in the dropdown,. it will become active for a few seconds but then deactivate
  4. Some portals may be missing from the dropdown list
  5. Connecting portals by tag name still works

If any of those things are happening, that means that either the mod is not installed on your server or an error occurred in the mod initialization, preventing it from loading all the way.

To debug, first make sure you have the latest version of AnyPortal installed. Then check the contents of the file LogOutput.log in your server’s BepInEx folder and make sure you see in this line somewhere:
[Info:BepInEx] Loading [AnyPortal 1.0.4]

How do you install AnyPortal Valheim Mod?

  1. First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.
  2. To install manually, place the AnyPortal.dll file in the BepInEx/plugins folder. You will need BepInEx.
  3. Run the game Valheim, perform a teleport

Download AnyPortal Valheim Mod for Valheim

Credit: sweetgiorni


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