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Amazing shaders in Minecraft without mod


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Improved in Minecraft version 1.17 but introduced in 1.16, shaders are more and more spectacular. If you didn’t know, it’s possible to install shaders without optifine; it’s as easy as adding a texture pack.
Although, for the moment, not as extensive as what can be done with OptiFine, they allow us to realize the progress made and the possibilities to come. It even seems that the creators are a little more creative than usual, with sometimes astonishing effects.

Shader Mini planet

For example, the “mini planet” shader displays the terrain you are on as a small round planet. So yes, it may seem like heresy in Minecraft, and it’s challenging to play, but we must admit that it is beautiful.

Custom Sky Shader

Some people use resource packs like Dramatic Skys to customize your sky in Minecraft, but shaders like custom skyboxes can do it almost natively. The developer warns: “It’s quite intensive. If you have a bad GPU, change the fbm octaves in position. fsh to be less than 4, and/or limit your framerate so as not to ground your syste

Shader Vaporwave

The Vaporwave style is very well known and widespread; the Synthwave texture pack already makes it possible to integrate this universe close to Tron in Minecraft. This time, via the Vaporwave shader, you can incorporate it into Minecraft in a straightforward way. The rendering is lovely and will allow some to take beautiful screenshots, but it will be challenging to play with again.

How to install a Shader on Minecraft

Here is the step by step procedure to properly install a shader on Minecraft

  1. Install Optifine

    Start by downloading and installing Optifine with the version corresponding to your game. Example if you play on Minecraft 1.16.4, install optifine for version 1.16.4 of Minecraft. When you have optifine, open it and press the Install button to finalize its installation. If you are playing with Forge , drag it into the mod folder.

  2. Selecting the Optifine profile

    When the Optifine installation is complete, launch Minecraft then select the Optifine profile. If you are playing with Forge that you have installed it as a mod, select the forge profile or Optifine is installed.

  3. Go to the shaderpacks folder

    To install a shader, you must first download one. You can find a list of shaders on our site . Once you have your shader, open your Minecraft folder. Make key Windows + R . Then type % appdata%  in the search bar, go to roaming and then to the .minecraft folder .
    You should see in the .minecraft folder, the shaderpacks folder  . Open it up and just slide the zip of your shaderpack into it. Once it’s done, fire up Minecraft!

  4. Launch Minecraft and select your in-game shader

    when you are in the game, go to options and click on Video Settings . Then click on the shaders menu and this will open the shader selection page.

  5. Activate your shader and enjoy!

    Then just click on it to activate it. Now you can enjoy Minecraft in a whole new light!

Here, this trick is finished, I hope that my explanation will have been clear. If you like this particular type of item, please let us know by putting small stars at the top of the item. If so, we will try to do more articles of this type in the future.


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