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Add All Fuel And Ore For Smelter Charcoal kiln


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The charcoal stove is where you can create more items for the game. Let’s find out what is interesting about Add All Fuel And Ore For Smelter Charcoal kiln?

Want to power the smelting furnaces to melt your copper and iron ores?

The player will also need to generate some coal using the coal furnace. However, to do that, we need All Fuel And Ore For Smelter Charcoal kiln. The information shared below will be essential things you should know.

Some information about All Fuel And Ore For Smelter Charcoal kiln

The coal and smelting furnace in Valheim are buildings that you can build. Here will allow you to do coal smelting and metal smelting; you need to choose the right place to work. The Valheim Furnace and Furnace fuels have caused problems for the player. That is exactly what we are going to cover in this article to find a fix.
You will get back all the resources when you destroy the coal smelters in Valheim.

However, not only that, but there will be a few difficulties that challenge you. The first step is to dismantle coal smelting furnaces with the Hammer tool. If you use some other aura like an ax, you will not get anything in return.

In the process of demolishing a coal furnace for fuel, you also need to meet many requirements. The coal furnace you are destroying needs a complete repair to get all of your materials back. If you destroy something made by another player in a co-op, those materials will disappear. So, be careful with your actions.

Features and experiences of All Fuel And Ore For Smelter Charcoal kiln

To produce coal, you first need to create a charcoal kiln with 20 stones and five cores with a wooden hammer. To build a coal furnace with a hammer, right-click on the hammer and then find the crafting tab. Once built, place it outside on the ground and then take any wood and place it inside by pressing the letter E on the keyboard.

Add All Fuel And Ore For Smelter Charcoal kiln
Add All Fuel And Ore For Smelter Charcoal kiln

If a player’s inventory and containers do not reveal a valid item when in individual item mode (default E), the other mods will continue to process the item. Note that in batch mode (default: Shift Left + E), other mods will not continue to process if an item is not found.

The unit of batch injection is done per stack.
For example, if you have wood (10/50) and wood (20/50) in your inventory, 10 of them will be consumed from your inventory.
If you do it again, 20 of them will be consumed.
If the fuel limit is less than the stack, only that amount will be consumed.

The player will also be provided with various items such as bronze bars, tin bars, Obsidian, iron, and silver bars. You can also sometimes find fuel in chests, swamp biomes, and inside heather. Not only that, but this mod also helps you create coal early by burning raw meats and neck tails in the oven. Enemies that spawn in the swamp will sometimes also drop coals, but these are dangerous enemies, so you should not use them as a reliable source of coal. Every experience in search of fuel has to go through many challenges. So it would help if you were more careful during participating in the game.

To participate in this game easily and have many useful things, players should take a closer look at the information about Add All Fuel And Ore For Smelter Charcoal kiln. Hopefully, you will have more knowledge as well as interesting experiences for you. This mod also brings many new features that players can choose from.


The configuration file is “BepInEx/config/rin_jugatla.AddAllFuel.cfg”.It will be created automatically when you start the game after installing the mod.

true: MOD enabled
false: Mod disabled
ID for automatic update notification, no need to change.
Modifier key used to control batch injection.
true: use key (E) for batch input
false: use modifier key (left shift) + use key (E)
Item name to exclude from submission.
Example: $item_finewood,$item_roundlog
Refer to this document for item names.
true: Exclude items from the list if they are submitted individually.
false: Do not allow items to be submitted regardless of whether they are submitted individually or in batches
true: If there is no fuel in the player’s inventory, it will be replenished from a nearby container.
false: We will not replenish from the container.
The distance from the player to the container when refilling from the container.

Supported Facilities:

  1. Smelter
  2. Charcoal kiln
  3. Blast furnace
  4. Windmill
  5. Spinning wheel
  6. Campfire
  7. Various torches

How do you install?

  1. First you need to access BepInExPack Valheim. Then download and follow the step-by-step installation instructions for the mod.
  2. To install manually, place the .dll file in the BepInEx/plugins folder. You will need BepInEx.

Download Add All Fuel And Ore For Smelter Charcoal kiln etc…

Credit: rin_jugatla

Version: 1.6.1


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