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Valheim map biomes


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Valheim map biomes – 7 Maps for Valheim

The Meadows is the starting biome in Valheim. It’s mostly grassy, filled with bodies of water and trees. It’s the perfect place to build your base, as it contains lots of useful resources, and animals including deer and boar, and there are very few threats.

Black Forest
If you’ve run into a troll or skeleton, or the music of the Meadows has taken a turn for the creepy, you’ve stumbled into the Black Forest. This zone contains hostile creatures such as Greydwarf Brutes and Greydwarf Shaman. You can mine tin and copper here, and find other resources that won’t crop up in the Meadows. Merchants can also be found wandering these parts of the forest.


The Swamp biome is a dark region filled with scary mobs. Draugr, Wraiths, and Blobs can hunt you down and kill you quickly here, so I don’t recommend visiting this region until you’ve equipped sturdy bronze weapons and armour. Naturally, the more treacherous the zone, the finer the rewards, and scrap iron, thistles, and turnip seeds are just a few of the best materials to find in the Swamp.

Valheim’s Mountains are the best place to visit for picturesque snowy scenes. They contain precious ores like silver, and a tough material called obsidian. Beware of the wolves and drakes that lurk on these slopes. Stone Golems also roam this area, and have a nasty habit of sneaking up on you.

The Plains are open stretches of dry grass, small bushes, and rocks. It’s not uncommon to see deer trotting through this region. There’s a promise of beautiful views if you can find a nice hill to climb. Keep an eye out for Deathsquitos, though. 

There’s not much to know about the ocean, other than the fact that you need a boat to traverse it. Serpents are known to infest Valheim’s waters, so I wouldn’t advise going for a quick dip in it. Ever.

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)
(Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)

You’ll find it difficult to find an area more mysterious than the Mistlands. It’s filled with very tall, old trees and some players have reported seeing monsters here.



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