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Fun Valheim world seeds to try


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For those looking to get a fresh experience in a Valheim world, the game’s wiki lists some helpful world seeds. For those just getting into the game, the world seed wVJCZahxX8 will start you off in the Meadows with resource-rich biomes like the Black Forest and Mountains near it. If you’re looking for a Maypole early on, the aptly named maypoleplz world seed is useful.

For veteran players looking for a tougher experience, the wiki highlights world seeds yfNmtqZ5mh and lduTRpBHca. Finally, for those looking to kill the game’s bosses quickly, the world seed HHcLC5acQt has all bosses, biomes, runes, and even the trader placed optimally.

You can also check any of these seeds in the world generator above to get an even wider overview of their worlds before jumping in. While Valheim is just as fun if you keep up the mystique of what your world contains, these map generators and world seeds are useful for those who are looking for more specific or resource-rich worlds.

What is a world seed in valheim?

In most sandbox games with a world that randomizes every time you start a new file, like Minecraft, your world will have a World Seed. This series of letters and numbers make your procedurally generated world what it is and can be saved or shared with others if you find a certain world setup that you prefer.

Valheim uses this World Seed feature, so players have started to game the system and find which ones are the best, whether you want to make the game easy for yourself or ridiculously hard. If you’re looking to make a new Valheim world, you might want to consider using a map generator created by fans.


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