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iPhone 13 in Japan continuously increases in price amid inflation


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Apple Japan has revised all iPhone model prices as of Thursday. Some models have seen price increases of up to 20%, which may be due to the Japanese yen’s decline in value versus the US dollar during the past three months, which has decreased by roughly 15%.

For instance, the price of the iPhone 13 Pro has increased from 122,800 yen ($904) to 144,800 yen ($1,066) for the 128GB storage option. The price of the iPhone SE Gen 3 has increased from 57,800 yen (about $425) to 62,800 (about $462).


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Apple raised the price of the iPhone not long before it was anticipated to unveil its new array of iPhones for the year, which is typically released in September. Apple has only raised the price of its iPhones so far; it hasn’t changed the pricing of any other items from its Mac or iPad product lines.

Multinational corporations like Apple frequently change their prices in a given market to reflect changes in the strength of one currency relative to another as the world contends with inflation (and supply shortages) across nations.

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