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[Valheim guide] How To Craft and Find Specific Items


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How To Craft in Valheim, How To Find Specific Items in Valheim

The article will help you locate and / or craft certain items and equipment in the game Valheim.

Guide List:

  1. How to Find Leather Scraps
  2. How to Find Copper
  3. How to Get Pickaxe
  4. How to Get Obsidian
  5. How to Get Bronze Pickaxe
  6. How to Get Surtling Cores
  7. How to Craft Wolf Armor and Stop Freezing
  8. How to Get Core Wood
  9. How to Get Fine Wood
  10. How to Make and Use a Raft
  11. How to Get Swamp Key
  12. How to Get Flint
  13. Where to Find Iron
  14. How to Craft and Use Cart
  15. How to Get Silver Ore
  16. How to Get Greydwarf Eyes
  17. How to Get Iron Mace
  18. How to Get Guck and What It Does
  19. How to Get Wishbones

Valheim is currently available in Early Access on PC via Steam.

How to Find Leather Scraps

One of the most important early game items is leather scraps, which will unlock vital recipes players will need to progress their game. Getting leather scraps is surprisingly easy, but players will need to cautious when getting their first batch of this resource.

Leather scraps can drop from boars and deer when they are killed. While deer might seem like the better option, these animals are skittish and run if they catch sight of a threat. Boars make the better target in the early game, even though they are more dangerous and will attack players who get too close.

From the initial spawn point, boars will be wandering the woods near the embankment on the left of the glowing red totem. Players who search the ground will discover some wood and stone that can be turned into a club or an ax. These items can be built even without access to a workbench by hitting Tab to open the inventory, then selecting them in the crafting menu on the right side.

When players get close to a boar, it will attack but can be dodged easily. It will die after three strikes with an ax or club or can even be punched to death without major issue. Boars can drop leather scraps when they die, but it is not a guaranteed drop. The woods will have lots of boars that will be happy to fight you, making them a good early game source of leather scraps. Later in the game, players will be able to tame boars and breed them, making it much easier to get this resource.

Players will be happy to know that Valheim has a selection of weapons, including bows that can be made at the workbench. Bows will make hunting deer easy, as you can pick them off from afar before they have a chance to run, making them another great source of leather scraps.

Where to Find Copper

Once players are ready with their smelter, they can then drop in copper ore into it to get pure copper. Copper ore can be mined out in the wild; it is usually found in the Black Forest biome, and it looks like a large boulder made of something green and kind of reflective, as pictured below. With the adjustments to damage scaling in the first Valheim patch, the Black Forest should be safe enough to explore once players have a good grip on the game.

Uses For Copper

Copper has several uses in Valheim. First, players can make a copper knife, which is a great weapon for speed. While it doesn’t have the range of the iron longsword or the bronze sword, it cut quick and deep when in very close melee range. The knife is made from 2 Wood and 8 Copper bars.

Other uses for copper in Valheim’s Viking-themed survival setting are:

Creating a Forge, which is needed to make most metal weapons, including the copper knife. In order to make a Forge, players need 4 Stone, 4 Coal, 10 Wood, and 6 Copperbars smelted in the smelter.

2 Copper and 1 Tin can be combined to make bronze. Bronze is a very strong material in Valheim, and can be used to create the Bronze Sword, Helmet, Knife, and the Horned Bronze Helmet.

How to Get Pickaxe

Getting the Pickaxe in Valheim is not easy and will require some work and planning. To make the Pickaxe, players will need 10 Wood and a single Hard Antler.


The first step is to get stronger by building a base and a workbench, leveling up skills, and forging new weapons and armor.

A bow is a great weapon, not just to fight Eikthyr but also to hunt regular deer in Valheim. Players will need to hunt deer to collect Deer Trophies. Two Deer Trophies are required to summon Eikthyr at the summoning stone, and players can summon the creature as many times as they like. Only by killing Eikthyr can players get the Hard Antler that they will need to make the Pickaxe at the workbench.

A word of caution before attempting to take on Eikthyr. This mighty deer has a substantial health bar and can do considerable damage with charged lighting attacks. It is advisable to spend lots of time building up a strong character, developing a good home, and doing things like taming wild boar and establishing a farm before opting to take him on.

Bringing ranged weapons, a shield, and good stamina management are the keys to victory. Patience is key, as learning Eikthyr’s attack patterns will be the difference between life and death. Eikthyr’s powerful lightning attacks tend to be telegraphed, so be prepared to create distance when he is about to use them. If players find they have bitten off more than they can chew, they can continue developing their character, then summon Eikthyr again when they are stronger by using two more Deer Trophies.

How to Get Obsidian

Players can make three different types of arrows with obsidian. First, they will need to upgrade their workbench to level 3 by adding two of the following: the Chopping Block, the Tanning Rack, the Adze, or the Tool Shelf. These can be added in any order, and each one adds an additional level to the Workbench.

  • The first is Frost Arrows, which deal cold damage to enemies. This can be helpful in fighting against Surtlings, perhaps while collecting Surtling Cores. These are made with eight wood, two feathers, four obsidian, and one freeze gland, which are loot drops from fights with drakes. This makes twenty frost arrows.
  • The second type of arrow is strong and durable obsidian arrow. Players will need eight wood, two feathers, and four obsidian to make twenty of these as well. While these don’t have any special stats, they are stronger than normal arrows and will deal more damage.
  • Last are poison arrows, and twenty can be made with eight wood, two feathers, four obsidian, and a single ooze. These devastating arrows have 26 pierce, 52 poison, and 10 knockback. Players can collect ooze to make these arrows by defeating blobs and oozers in the Swamp Biome in Valheim.

How to Get Bronze Pickaxe

In order to create Bronze, which is an alloy of other metals, players will need either the Antler Pickaxe or the Stone Pickaxe, which grant the ability to mine ores. The Stone Pickaxe is recommended, as the Antler Pickaxe, though the better of the two, requires a boss fight to craft.

A Forge will also be necessary in the settlement to make any tools involving metals, as it allows for players to create alloys.

Players will need 10 Bronze bars and three Core Wood, which can only be harvested from pine trees in the Black Forest, to craft the Bronze Pickaxe. Like the bars, it can only be made at the Forge. Once all of the required resources have been gathered, it will be unlocked in the crafting interface to the right.

A Bronze Pickaxe can mine Iron ore, the next step in the tool progression system. It can also destroy Muddy Scrap Piles in the Sunken Crypt, allowing for further exploration. Not only does the Sunken Crypt contain bountiful loot, but the scrap piles also have a chance to drop Iron Scrap, Leather Scrap, or Withered Bones, so it’s definitely worth digging through them.

How to Get Surtling Cores

Recipes With Surtling Cores
Surtling cores are a basic building block needed to create several of the workstations that players will need to thrive. Surtling cores are used to create Portals, Charcoal Kilns, and even the smelters used to create copper and iron in Valheim. Cores will therefore be needed to make even the most basic metal tools and armor, and players will need several of them.

The number one way to get Surtling Cores is to kill Surtlings and hope the cores drop as loot. However, killing Surtlings is not an easy prospect, especially early in the game. These fiery demons throw fireballs and deal fire damage that ignores armor. While this may change in later updates to Valheim as it is still in Early Access and the devs are still implementing changes, it is currently a scary situation for any player to be in. To make matters worse, Surtlings usually hang out in packs around Fire geysers and Rune Stones in the Swamp Biome.

Other Ways To Find Cores
Surtling Cores can also be found while out and about in the world, in random chests. Players can also dig them out of Burial Mounds and even find them in dungeons like the Burial Chambers and Sunken Crypts that Valheim players need the Swamp Key for. The Surtling Cores appear in dungeons in the Swamp Biome more than any other location.

Using a hammer, players can build a firepit with 5 Stone and 2 Wood. Take a Surtling Core and toss it into the fire while it is burning. The core will shoot a signal into the sky, allowing other players to pinpoint others’ locations. This can be used to help reconnect parties that have split up or even warn others away from danger.

How to Craft Wolf Armor and Stop Freezing

Once a player has obtained these two items and devised a plan for dealing with the temperatures in the Mountains, they should head into the biome with the Wishbone activated. They should then traverse the area until green sparks start emanating from their character, and they should dig down when that effect becomes very frequent. Doing this should ultimately lead fans to Silver, and they can use their Iron Pickaxes in Valheim to extract the ore and unlock the Wolf Armor.

With respect to how to craft this gear once it is unlocked, here are the required materials for each piece:

  • Wolf Armor Chest: 20 Silver, 5 Wolf Pelts, 1 Chain
  • Wolf Armor Legs: 20 Silver, 5 Wolf Pelts, 4 Wolf Fangs
  • Wolf Armor Cape: 4 Silver, 6 Wolf Pelts, 1 Wolf Trophy

Clearly, Silver is the foundational resource in Wolf Armor, and players will need to collect quite a lot of it if they want to craft every piece. That said, only the Cape is required to prevent freezing in the Mountains at the time of writing, and fans are thus advised to craft that piece first.

How to Get Core Wood

Unfortunately, finding core wood means exploring the map, which is an intimidating prospect. Players will need to search for a biome called the Black Forest, which is a dangerous place to tread. The only way to find the biome is to search for it, although it will commonly appear to the northeast of the initial spawn. A message will appear on the screen telling players when they have entered the region. It’s a good idea to summon and kill Valheim’s first boss, Eikthyr, before attempting to venture too far inside. Players who try to do it before achieving this feat will receive a visit from Hugen, the helpful raven, to inform them that they should take out the boss before venturing further.


  • Chop Pine Trees found in the Black Forest, or grown from Pine cones with a cultivator.
  • Can be cut with a Stone axe.


  • Crafting:
    • Bronze pickaxe
    • Cultivator
    • Finewood bow
    • Iron pickaxe
    • Stagbreaker
  • Building:
    • Bonfire
    • Log beam 2m
    • Log beam 4m
    • Log pole 2m
    • Log pole 4m
    • Sharp stakes
  • Smelting ore:
    • Core Wood can be used with Charcoal Kiln to produce Coal, which can be used to smelt ores in a Smelter.

While it is not entirely necessary to kill Eikthyr before venturing into the Black Forest, it’s a good benchmark of how strong players will need to be to feel comfortable there. The area is filled with Graydwarves, which are far more dangerous than the Greylings found in the Meadows. If players have spent a good bit of time in Valheim but have yet to achieve this feat, they can try sneaking into the Black Forest without being seen.

In the Black Forest, pine trees will grow, and by felling them, players can harvest core wood. Once players get close to a tree, a message will appear on the screen telling them what type of tree it is. While a regular stone ax will bring down a pine tree, a flint ax is recommended to avoid unnecessary delays. The last thing players want is to allow the Greydwarves time to find them and attack them. When the tree is felled, it will become a log, which needs to be chopped into wood. It is best to do this during the day, as the Black Forest becomes even more dangerous at night.

How to Get Fine Wood

Fine Wood is used to create Adzes, Portals, and Karves in Valheim, and this guide explains exactly how players can obtain it.

Fine Wood is one of the many crafting resources in Valheim, and it can be used to create Portals and Karves. It also plays a key role in Workbench upgrades in Valheim, as it is needed to make the Adze that will push the crafting station to Level 4. This means that most players will be interested in collecting Fine Wood at some point during their time with the game, and this guide is here to assist with that endeavor.

To put things simply, the most consistent sources for Fine Wood in Valheim are the Birch trees that are found in the Meadows biome. Indeed, players that chop down these trees should obtain some quantity of the crafting material, though that can only be done after a particular tool is made. That tool is the Bronze Axe, and fans that want to acquire it will need to put in a bit of work.


Fine wood is a crafting resource obtained by chopping down Birch and Oak trees in the Meadows or Plains biomes. The plains features plentiful Birch trees, though the dangerous enemies and hazards within tend to make farming Fine Wood there unfeasible until later in the game.

Unlike Beech and Fir trees, Birch trees require a Bronze axe to chop. Players must first defeat Eikthyr and craft the Antler pickaxe, which unlocks the ability to mine the ore required for the Bronze Axe.

Fine wood can also be looted from Shipwrecks on the coasts of the Black Forest biome. A Stone axe is the only requirement to chop down a Shipwreck. Alternatively, the player can knock over other nearby trees onto Birch or Oak trees to damage them and eventually collect Fine wood (a very slow but semi-viable process). Similarly, a Troll or other large creatures may be coerced into destroying the trees (another slow, but viable process).


  • Crafting:
    • Abyssal harpoon
    • Abyssal razor
    • Banded shield
    • Blackmetal atgeir
    • Blackmetal axe
    • Blackmetal knife
    • Blackmetal sword
    • Black metal shield
    • Black metal tower shield
    • Dyrnwyn
    • Finewood bow
    • Huntsman bow
    • Iron tower shield
    • Mead horn of Odin
    • Porcupine
    • Serpent scale shield
    • Silver shield
    • Tankard
  • Building:
    • Adze
    • Bench
    • Black banner
    • Blast furnace
    • Blue banner
    • Bonfire
    • Chair
    • Dragon bed
    • Fermenter
    • Forge cooler
    • Green banner
    • Item stand (horizontal)
    • Item stand (vertical)
    • Karve
    • Longship
    • Personal chest
    • Portal
    • Raven throne
    • Red banner
    • Reinforced chest
    • Spinning wheel
    • Stool
    • Table
    • Tool shelf
    • Ward
    • White and red striped banner
    • Wood dragon adornment

More specifically, a Bronze Axe can only be crafted after a player has defeated Eikthyrnir, the first boss in Valheim, created the Antler Pickaxe, and unlocked mining. Fans will also need to establish a Forge, which is unlocked after obtaining Copper from a Smelter, as it will be used to craft the Bronze for the Axe. Additionally, players will turn to the Forge to make the Bronze Axe itself when they have collected the requisite four Wood, eight Bronze, and two Leather Scraps.

How to Make and Use a Raft

Raft is a buildable structure found in Valheim. It is the first available boat used for sailing.

Building A Raft
In order to get started sailing, players will need to build a raft. While there are bigger and better ships available to be built once players have better supplies and an upgraded workbench in Valheim, the raft is great for early-exploration. With a workbench nearby, players will need 20 Wood, 6 Hide, and 6 Resin. Select the hammer and then “Raft” under the Miscellaneous tab. A left-mouse click will drop the player’s new sailing vessel into the water.

Placing requires being within workbench range.

  1. Select Hammer that in your inventory
  2. Press [F] to switch to [Misc] tab
  3. Select the raft
  4. Press [LMB] to place it in the water

Sailing A RaftOnce the raft is complete and the player has left-mouse clicked to drop the raft into the water, players are ready to start sailing. First, if the raft is beached, players will have to swim behind it to push it away from land a little before climbing on board.


  • 300 HP
  • 6m long x 4m wide x ??m high (above the water)
  • 0 seats only pilot (currently any number of people can hold fast)
  • 0 storage slots (Weight currently doesn’t seem to affect handling or speed)
  • Speeds (50% intensity is strong winds and 100% intensity is storm winds)
    • 3>>>
      • 50% intensity – 8.5 km/h
      • 100% intensity – 11.5 km/h
    • 2>> 13 km/h
    • 1> 6 km/h (Paddling) This doesn’t require wind to be in your favor
    • R< 4 km/h (Paddling) This doesn’t require wind to be in your favor

Next, players need to determine the direction that the wind is blowing and use the wind to fill the sails.

How to Get Swamp Key

In the swamp biome, players will come across all manner of creatures and materials that they can use to create bigger and better tools and lodgings. Players will be able to find Valheim iron and bog iron in this biome as well as Sunken Crypts that are locked and cannot be breeched. Unless players have obtained a Swamp Key, anyway.


The Swamp Key is used to unlock Sunken Crypts inside the Swamp. It must be in the player’s inventory the first time each crypt gate is opened, but is no longer needed to re-enter the same crypt. It can be used an unlimited amount of times.

Where To Get It
Ironically enough, the Swamp Key is not found in the Swamp Biome. Instead, players will have to venture to the Black Forest biome, where copper ore is found in Valheim. Once there, players will need to battle Graydwarves Brutes and Graydwarves Shamans and collect three Ancient Seeds from them when they drop. Next, players will have to find the location of the Black Forest altar; since the locations in Valheim are procedurally generated, the exact coordinates of a player’s altars will vary depending on their seed.

Where to get a Swamp Key in Valheim
Next, lay the three Ancient Seeds on the Black Forest altar, and this will summon one of the secret bosses in Valheim: the Elder. The Elder is an Ent-like tree person that brings a lot of friends to the battle. The Elder and its minions are a difficult enemy to defeat, and will not fall easily even to those who have the best gear and weapons available to them. However, this co-op game does allow players to bring along some help; they will want to bring some of their own friends along as well to ensure that they are not overrun by the group of evil treefolk.

How to Get Flint

Flint is plentiful in Valheim’s first region, the Green Forest. It can be found in rivers, right beside the banks. Rivers will run deep down in the valleys, cutting their way through the hard stone as they travel through the region. Players will need to walk down these slopes and jump into the water, where they will be able to find flint just below the surface. Flint will look like elongated stones resting at the bottom of the river. They can be picked up just by interacting with them, and players will not require special tools to collect them.

It is also possible to repair tools, so ensuring that you regularly keep your tools in good condition is an excellent way to save on resources and effort to put toward other things that will help players survive and even prosper on the journey to Valheim’s.


  1. Found naturally on the shorelines of the Meadows biome only.
  2. Dropped when destroying Tanning racks in Fuling Villages.

Much like wood, stone, iron, or copper, players will automatically learn new recipes for craftable items as soon as they pick up their first piece of flint. It is important to remember that each recipe will also require other resources that players will need to gather before building any of the items.

  • Flint Axe – 4 Wood, 6 Flint
  • Flint Knife – 2 Wood, 2 Flint, 4 Leather Scraps
  • Flint Spear – 1 Wood, 1 Flint
  • Flint Arrow – 5 Wood, 10 Flint, 2 Leather Scraps

Where to Find Iron

In order to smelt Iron in Valheim, players will first have to find iron scraps or ore. Scraps can be found in Crypts and mined with Bronze pickaxes. Iron scraps can also be collected from Meteor Craters. Iron ore can be mined from veins in the snowy mountain biomes. Regular iron ore and bog iron can be farmed from the swamp areas. However, players should be extra careful, as swamps can be incredibly dangerous.

Iron can be smelted from Scrap iron in the Smelter using Coal as fuel. It takes 30 seconds to smelt one.


  • Crafting:
    • Ancient bark spear
    • Banded shield
    • Battleaxe
    • Huntsman bow
    • Iron atgeir
    • Iron axe
    • Iron greaves
    • Iron helmet
    • Iron mace
    • Iron nails
    • Iron pickaxe
    • Iron scale mail
    • Iron sledge
    • Iron sword
    • Iron tower shield
    • Ironhead arrow
    • Padded cuirass
    • Padded greaves
    • Padded helmet
    • Porcupine
    • Serpent scale shield
    • Silver sword
  • Building:
    • Blast furnace
    • Forge toolrack
    • Iron gate
    • Personal chest
    • Reinforced chest
    • Smith’s anvil
    • Standing green-burning iron torch
    • Standing iron torch
    • Stonecutter
    • Tool shelf
    • Wood iron beam
    • Wood iron pole

Smelting Iron

Once players have collected enough iron ore and scrap, they can begin to smelt. They will need a smelter which can be made with 20 Stone and 5 Surtling cores. Players will also need a workbench or an upgraded Valheim workbench to place it down next to. After the smelter is completed, players can make iron or copper bars from the scrap and ore by feeding the smelter some coal.

After players have iron or bronze bars, they can create copper or iron tools in a forge. Forges are made with 4 Stone, 4 Coal, 10 Wood, and Copper bars. Forges need to be enclosed in a building with a roof in order to work properly, but once players have gotten the Forge up and running, they can make all the bronze or iron tools they wish.

Recipes For Iron Tools

  • Iron Pickaxes require 3 Wood and 15 Iron bars.
  • Iron Axes also require 3 Wood and 15 Iron bars.
  • Iron Longswords can be made with 2 Wood and 25 Iron. While this may seem like a lot of iron, it’s well worth it. Players can kill Greydwarf or a Surtling in one hit with the Iron Longsword, making foes much easier to defeat.

How to Craft and Use Cart

The Cart is used to store items and transport them over distances, and is pulled under human power. The total weight of all the items in the cart and steepness of terrain affects how easy or hard it is to pull the cart. The cart obeys physics and can roll downhill if let go on inclined terrain. It can also be pulled while swimming.

The cart cannot be destroyed for its resources via the hammer and can only be destroyed through damage. The cart does take damage from certain objects such as trying to pull it over a rock. When destroyed, any contents will pop out into crate entities which the user can interact with to retrieve their belongings. The cart is repairable using the hammer, like any other structure.

The cart does not appear to have a weight limit and has an 18 slot capacity like a player’s backpack.

Building A Cart
Building carts in Valheim is fairly easy. Players will need to have a Forge and a smelter in order to create everything they will need to make a cart of their own. Smelt 1 tin along with 2 copper Valheim bars to make bronze. Once a player has bronze, they will be able to Forge bronze nails from a bronze bar. Each bronze bar makes 10 bronze nails, and players will need ten of these as the first ingredient to make up a cart.

After the player has made the bronze nails, the crafting recipe for the cart will appear in the crafting menu. Next, players will need to collect 20 regular wood. Thankfully, Valheim players won’t have to look for core wood or fine wood for this particular craft.

The recipe is unlocked upon discovery of Bronze nails. It is crafted with the Hammer under the MISC tab using 20 Wood and 10 Bronze nails, and must be in range of a Workbench.

Using A Cart

While facing the front of the cart, players can interact with the cart’s inventory, moving items from their own inventory to the cart by using the E button. Players can also pull the cart along, bringing it on farming missions and dragging it through all of the different biomes. It does slow down moving and fighting speed, but the cart makes up for its bulk with sheer usefulness. Valheim players can pile massive amounts of resources onto their carts, giving them plenty of inventory space to help build a whole village. The weight of the cart and the amount of things in its inventory can slow down the speed of the cart, making movement and fighting even slower the heavier it gets.

The cart, however, can be damaged and broken while wandering in the world, so be careful not to let it run into terrain like water, or let enemies near it. The cart does not appear to be one of the tools that players can repair in Valheim, so taking good care of the cart is imperative.

How to Get Silver Ore

Silver ore can be turned into Silver at a Smelter using Coal as fuel.

Recipes With Silver

In order to make the entire freeze-resist Wolf armor set in Valheim, players will need 44 silver bars, 16 wolf pelts, 1 chain, 4 Wolf fangs, and 1 wolf trophy. But there are also several other items that players will want silver for as well.

  • Lox Cape – A very warm cape to go with the Wolf armor set – 6 Lox pelts and 2 Silver bars
  • Fang Spear – A tough spear made from a wolf tooth – 10 Ancient bark, 4 Wolf Fangs, 2 Leather Scraps, and 2 Silver bars
  • Drake Helmet – Grants 20 Armor – 20 Silver bars, 2 Wolf Pelt, and 2 Drake Trophy
  • Silver Shield – A durable shield for defense – 10 Fine Wood and 8 Silver bars
  • Silver Sword – A strong and durable sword – 2 Wood, 40 Silver bars, 3 Leather Scrap, and 5 Iron bars
  • Frostner – A hard-hitting hammer – 10 Ancient Bark, 30 Silver bars, 5 Freeze Glands, and 5 Ymir Flesh, which can only be purchased through the Valheim trader, who can be found in the Black Forest biome.

Smelting Silver
Silver is mined in its raw form, silver ore, and must be smelted into Silver bars to be used in recipes. In order to smelt Silver ore into silver, players will need to build a smelter. These can be created with twenty Stone and five Surtling cores. Players will need to put the smelter down near a workbench, then fill it with coal in order to get it fired up.

Using A Wishbone
Silver ore can be found in the Mountain Biome, but it cannot be seen without the use of a Wishbone, which is a drop from a secret boss in Valheim. So in order to find silver in the first place, players must summon and defeat the Swamp Biome’s secret boss named Bonemass. In order to fight him, players will need to find the Swamp altar and lay two withered bones on it. Withered bones are found in muddy scrap piles and crypts in the Swamp.

A silver deposit above ground

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