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How to Repair Your Axe and Tools


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How to Repair Your Axe and Tools – Valheim Game

Are you wondering just how the Valheim fix mechanic functions? If you’re thinking about how to repair your axe (or some of your other tools), it is not that difficult — you can set up everything in less than 5 minutes!

Valheim is a game that drops you into the key tenth kingdom of the Norse cosmos. Odin has provided you the task of carrying out some bad men, but you’ll need the proper tools to do it! Unfortunately, these tools will split after a certain amount of time, and the game isn’t entirely apparent in telling you how you can fix them.

The Valheim repair mechanic is pretty forgiving compared to some of the other survival games out there. You don’t need to spend resources or anything like that to repair an item — you just need a Workbench or a Forge depending on the type of item. There are, however, some special requirements.

You’ll be able to build a Workbench very early in the game. However, this will only allow you to build some basic structures at first — you won’t be able to actually interact with the Workbench until there’s a roof over it. Thankfully, you don’t have to build an entire building.

Here’s how to interact with the Workbench in Valheim:

  1. Gather 20–30 wood. If your axe is broken, you can pick up branches or punch saplings (the tiny trees) with your fists.
  2. Build a Workbench on the ground.
  3. Build 2–3 wooden walls behind it.
  4. Build a few roof pieces attached to the walls so they cover the top of the workbench.
  5. If you still can’t interact with the Workbench, add more walls or roof tiles until it’s covered better.

And that’s it! Now that you can interact with the Workbench, repairing your items is as easy as pushing a button. No, really!

How to Repair Your Items in Valheim

The Valheim repair mechanic is as easy as pushing a button — you can repair your axe and other tools in Valheim simply by pressing the hammer button on the Workbench menu. There are, however, some caveats.

First, you can’t repair handheld torches. Those will eventually run out of fuel and you’ll have to replace them; thankfully, they’re pretty cheap items!

Secondly, you may need a certain “Level” of Workbench or Forge to repair different items; as best as I can tell, this doesn’t change if you upgrade an item. For example, you need a Level 2 Workbench to repair Leather Armor. You can upgrade the Level of your Workbench or Forge by building “improvements” next to it such as the chopping block for the Workbench.

Finally, not all of your equipment can be repaired at a Workbench. You’ll eventually build a Forge to build metal items like the Bronze Axe; those items can only be repaired at a Forge, thankfully.


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