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How to place Valheim map markers, ping, and console commands


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How to place Valheim map markers, ping, and console commands

Coming to Valheim, players will be immersed in the lives of mighty Viking warriors, ready to fight with all kinds of enemies and travel in the wilderness of land similar to the Scandinavian peninsula. And explore various mysteries. The designed monster system is relatively diverse, from dry skeletons that use weapons such as swords, shields, and bows, to giant bosses like The Elder, or Bonemass.

Map markers
When you first spawn, your mini map will look very bare. After you’ve had a chance to explore more of the Valheim map, and found valuable materials and areas, it’s a good idea to place markers to make them easy to return to later. To place a map marker, press M to open your map, select one of the markers on the right side, then double-click on the spot on the map to drop a marker. You can label these using the box at the bottom of the screen so you know what’s waiting for you at each spot. To remove a marker, right-click on it (Mouse-2).


If you want to ping a particular spot, open the map and click the middle mouse button (Mouse-3) to mark your desired area. Anyone playing with you will be able to see the ping both on their own map and also just while playing the game, but it only lasts for a few seconds.

Console commands
If you don’t fancy traipsing around the island, open Valheim’s console (F5), ensure cheats are enabled (type imacheater) and type exploremap to reveal the entire map. Alternatively, if you want to reset your exploration progress, type resetmap to cover it in fog again.

What does the white arrow mean?
You may have noticed a white arrow on your mini map. As Chris rightly points out in his list of helpful Valheim tips, this indicates which direction the wind is blowing. It’s especially useful when sailing.


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