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How to install a mod for Valheim


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How to install a mod for Valheim

We are finally up to the good part, and it’s time to download and install some mods. Head to the 9valheim game page and pick up something of your liking.

You will be presented with two options on how to download the mod: manual

To install Valheim mods manually, download whichever file you like, and place it in <Valheim install folder>BepInExplugins. If you have applied all prerequisites mentioned above, the mod will be active the next time you run the game.


Lastly, a few words about texture packs: it is better to do it manually for textures. To put it simply: Vortex adds these files to the wrong folder.  There are two steps you need to take in order to apply such packs.

  • Install the Custom Textures mod. This can be done via Vortex. The mod allows for custom textures to be used in Valheim.
  • For a specific pack, download it manually, then unzip it to: <Valheim install folder>BepInExpluginsCustomTextures. You can also open each texture file(they are png) and pick and choose what will be applied to the game.


  • Backup your saved files: the first and most important step. Modding is not officially supported by the developers, so make a backup before you start messing around with the game. You can find said files in C:Users<username>AppDataLocalLowIronGateValheim . Copy the whole folder, so if anything goes south (as it sometimes does), you will be able to restore your world and character.
  • Download BepInEx pack for Valheim. This is a framework that allows modding of the game, so it is absolutely necessary to have. After you download the zip, place the files in your Valheim install folder and you are good to go.
  • Download the game’s Unstripped DLLs: that’s another piece that you need in order to install Valheim mods. It is highly advised to use Vortex in order to install these files as the mod manager creates its own temp folder and does not override any of the game’s original DLLs. If you do not want to use this software, the page has detailed steps on how to apply the new DDLs yourself.
  • Select Valheim and then specify its install folder(for example C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonValheim). When done, start the game via Vortex instead of Steam.



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