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Google Chrome’s Latest Update Helps Battery and Memory Saving 


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Your favorite web browser has been updated with some very helpful features. It is a common belief that Google Chrome is taking up a lot of RAM memory and battery life. Well, it is still true but Google is doing something to improve these disadvantages.

Google ChromeSource: Google

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser with over 65 percent of global market share. It is three times the share of Safari, the second most popular web browser. Chrome is used widely on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS also. Its accessibility and connectivity to several extensions and other Google services such as Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube… are what users love the most about it. It is also easy to customize with backgrounds, themes and other settings. However, there are also bugs and backlashes of this popular browser. Most significantly, many users claim that it uses a lot of RAM memory. As a result, the battery life is also affected. Google is fixing this with a new update. 

Fortunately, it will be smoother and less energy intensive while browsing with Google Chrome on desktops. Google recently announced two amazing new features which are energy saver and memory saver tools. Thanks to those, the problems are somehow solved, partly. 

Google ChromeSource: Google

In particular, when you turn on the memory saver setting, the browser will temporarily free up memory by freezing open and unused tabs. When you return to these tabs, it will be reloaded. Reportedly, Chrome will use less memory, up to 30 percent. This means your browsing experience is also improved: smoother, quicker and more memory for other applications. 

Moving to energy saver, it is also a great update especially to laptop users who have to work remotely and worry about battery life. With energy saver being activated, Chrome will reduce activities when the battery falls below 20 percent. According to Google, this feature means “limiting background activity and visual effects for websites with animations and videos”. Both new updates can be accessed and activated in Chrome’s three-dot menu. 

Google ChromeSource: Google

Chrome was first launched in 2008. In 14 years, it has taken over Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari to be the world’s most used web browser. The giant search’s browser is minimalist, free to download, easy to use and is familiar with the majority Internet users. This is due to Google’s global impact also, especially with their mobile operating system Android. Android is also the most popular mobile OS in the world with over 70 percent of market share. 

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